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  1. Hi, Sorry for the late reply. But i managed to get it working in the way i wanted with scrollmagic's custom actions. Thanks for the help Zach, very much appreciated.
  2. I had tried something similar to this but the problem is that Intersection Observer is not supported apple devices below iOS 13. So I couldn't get it to work. This is an awesome solution though.
  3. Yes. That is what I was going for.
  4. Hi, The effect i am going for is, i want the animation to stay pinned and to autoplay on reaching that element. Here, what is happening is, i'm using scrollmagic to pin the element in place till the animation is over. But since im not specifying the duration in scrollmagic, it stays pinned in place, even after the animation is over. Thanks for the speedy reply.
  5. Hi, I have created a gsap animation in my website. Inorder for it to autoplay i have not specified the duration while creating the scrollmagic scene. Now the animation is autoplaying (which is the intended effect if was going for) but now the section stays locked in place since there is no duration to tell the animation that it is over. So currently, the next elements are being overlapped by the pinned element. How can i fix this ? How can i unpin the element after the animation ?