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    Laggy animations

    Hello GSAP Community! I created some animations on my page: https://www.monixm.com/ and I noticed that they are lagging a bit. I am using opacity(alpha)to hide and show content and I read somewhere that by increasing the opacity to 0.1, the lagging is gone but then the effect doesn't look great...would you have any other advice? Thanks!
  2. You are the best, thank you for this tip, it worked yupppiiii
  3. Hello, I just deployed my site via Netlify and all my animations (used TweenMax & TimelineLite) are not displayed at all. In the dev tool I can see: gsap-core.js:83 Invalid property set to Missing plugin? gsap.registerPlugin() errors. This is the first time I am using gsap and deploying a site with it and I'm new to coding, so any clear advice on what's happening would be great. Thank you in advance.