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  1. Thanks a lot i will do the rest
  2. hey how do make it animate for each link its happening for all the link once i hover on that link should only animate rest shouldn't please help
  3. once the image change it should image should fade $('.list li a').hover(function() { var value= $(this).attr('data-src'); var val = $(".image-holder img"); TweenMax.to(value, 1, { attr:{ src:val }, ease: Power1.easeInOut, yoyo:true }) }); i tried this but didn't work for me
  4. i am trying to replace the image with this data-attr like in this example https://codepen.io/Fearless4va/pen/MWYQNdL like this which i have done in jquery but i am looking some transition in tweenMax
  5. Hey i am trying to change the background with some ease new to gsap need help pls