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  1. @Skilltech Ha! When you put it like that it's so simple 😅 I'm using the Hello theme so can't do that, but you gave me an idea and adding it as custom code snippets broken into two seems to work. Nice one!
  2. @Skilltech Jumping on your thread if you don't mind. How did you even get ScrollSmoother to work on the frontend of Elementor? I've been trying to add the "smooth-wrapper" and "smooth-content" to the main tag for hours now and nothing I'm doing is working.
  3. Thanks @GreenSock! I've been working on it for the last hour and got so close but you beat me to it... this is perfect
  4. Hi all! I'm trying to animate the inner child of a container on hover but the issue I'm having is that the page requires multiple instances of the same class. So for instance I have a main container called "contentContainer" and within that is text with the class "words". I can't figure out how to animate the "words" of only the "contentContainer" that is being hovered over.
  5. @mikel @GreenSock That worked perfectly! Thanks so much guys
  6. Hi guys. I'm really new to GSAP so just playing around trying to see how it all works. I've created two dots which I would like to have randomly move around the canvas (within a set pixel range) and then loop forever. I've been able to figure out the pen attached, but know that it is so far from an efficient way of doing this. Any help? Even being able to set 5-6 x/y points which the objects move to in a loop would be perfect.