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  1. Yes, it's really better with rounding! I wonder why the previous version didn't require this 🤔
  2. Greetings, dear community! I have some issue with super-draggable-resizeble example from @Sahil when use new version of GSAP - Just look at right side, when resize by drag left size. I try to use gsap.quickSetter, but the result is similar... Some ideas how to fix that?
  3. Yes, thank you, using the wrapper really solves the problem!
  4. Greetings, dear community! I’m currently in a task I cannot solve on my own. I want to create a parent Draggable element, which is supposed to move along the axis (f.e. Y) and to have a child element which has to be a trigger to move a parent along the other axis (f.e. X). Here’s an example in codepen.
  5. @ZachSaucier Big thanks for explaining the ‘keyframes’ and the ‘defaults’ features. My plan is to use them for the easement of describing serial animations (I’ve got plenty of them), if I just use .to with ‘>’, it’s just a repetition of keyframes logic in my code. My example shows that the second declaration .to via keyframes doesn’t let the square decrease - that’s exactly what I want, but it works only without changing the time! There’s a div and it has an animation (a set of different properties). What I want to do is to set the properties instantly without deleting or clearing them, I mean to replace for example { x: 10, y: 10, duration: 5 } by { x: 5, y: 5, duration: 3 } on the fly with minimal delay. Is it possible, or i just need to optimize logic and for example clear-reinit only changed tweens/timelines? https://codepen.io/belyanskii/pen/vYLBZQE
  6. Dear GSAP community, I’ve a question about an ‘overwrite’ feature and some timeline time aspects. If I set an animated parameter without changing the time, it works pretty well! Example: https://codepen.io/belyanskii/pen/vYLBZQE But once I am trying not only to set (or change) an animated parameter but to set delay and duration, overwriting doesn’t seem to occur: https://codepen.io/belyanskii/pen/XWXrgQy Is there a way to overwrite the whole animation w/o clearing or deleting the tweens/timelines?
  7. Okay, so in order to show 30 frames per second, I need to set in what specific time to show the frame? Like - https://codepen.io/belyanskii/pen/NWPLQwV
  8. Good day colleagues! I have some strangenesses with "number animation". This is "0 to 30, by 1 sec." example at CP https://codepen.io/belyanskii/pen/BayOeep And (- drumroll please -) - "0 to 188, by 1 sec." example at CP https://codepen.io/belyanskii/pen/PowdrYb I expect to get all the numbers from 0 to 30 in 1 second, rather than getting a random number or the same number multiple times Can you tell me where I made a mistake?