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  1. GAFF! you are totally right, that was the the ticket. Thank you for pointing it out I was basing my what i know from the "Animating Routes" example If you could spare a second @Rodrigo i was wondering if you could share insight into why we use a ternary to set the styles for the animations, ie: Does addEndListener run on both mount and unmount? <Transition unmountOnExit in={props.show} timeout={1000} onEnter={node => TweenLite.set(node, startState)} addEndListener={ (node, done) => { TweenLite.to(node, 0.5, { autoAlpha: props.show ? 1 : 0,
  2. Hi @ZachSaucier, Thanks for pointing out the legacy GSAP, I switched out the basics right away. And apologies about the confusing layout, it's not very good it's just for prototyping. It's not responsive at all. But on the left and right on the container there are arrows, and that triggered the image to animate. What I'm noticing is the image transition will properly play when the new image is mounted, but it won't play the transition when the image is unmounted. I basically thought that I could control the entering image using the `onEntering` property, and use `addEndListener` t
  3. I'm noodling around with React/TransitionGroup/GSAP and I'm attempting to make a carousel. From an array of images, I'm setting the state to be one object. Using transition group, I want to leverage greensock to transition one image out, followed by one image in. I'm using state to keep track of the "active" image, there is only one image in the state. So the rationale is, when this state update, the old state will transition out, and then replaced by the new node in the state. So there isn't a group of components per-se. I'm hoping that I can get Transition group to
  4. @Rodrigo You were 100% right! Yaahooooooo!!! I never would have figured that out. Storing the tween in `useRef` was the key. I didn't realize that all variables would be overwritten when the component re-renders. I suppose that in the future if we need to save variables in between renders then we should store it in `state` or `useRef` Thank you so much for your help. I believe this example with give me a solid structure for using React and GSAP. Thanks again!
  5. Hi @Rodrigo Thank you for responding! here's a link of Codesandbox.. i hope it's editable: https://codesandbox.io/live/LEpRg I am using `useRef` to grab the element, but I might not be using it the right away. I've edited the code above to show the complete component. Sorry for the confusion.
  6. I've been trying to master using React and Greensock. But I'm having major issues with actually getting the animation to run. To be fair I'm new to React. To practice, I've been trying to recreate @Rodrigo's modal toggle example ( Rodrio's State Controlled Modal ) with React Hooks. I'm successful in passing all the props to the stateless component - but no matter what I try, changing the boolean value in the `props.visible` does not actually play the timeline. I'm not sure if my issue is React, or Greensock. I've logged a series of messages to the console, and I can see that all m
  7. @Sahil hey i was wondering, since this animation is based on scroll, do you have any performance optimization recommendations? For starters, I put a throttle on the window scroll event of 150ms. So the scroll function has a slight delay to reduce throttling Sometimes i notice a lag and a delay in animation when i'm interacting with the background. I suppose i could reduce the FPS... do you have any other thoughts? Thanks so much, i really appreciate your expertise! -Gabriel
  8. @ZachSaucier yea i see what you mean. I'll continue to mess around with it. Thank you for your help and the inspiration. They key as you suggested is adjusting the viewBox. Thanks!
  9. @ZachSaucier Thank you so much for your help! You are 100% correct, the issue is that the beginning of the SVG needs to overlap with the end in such a way that makes it seem seamless. It's really difficult to do, and what i found from the modifiers demo was that the re-positioning of the box happened outside the overflow of the parent container --- so that's why it has a seamless effect. Can you suggest any way to achieve an infinite seamless effect? Thank you again for your help!
  10. I'm working on a project to infinite scroll a set of diagonal lines in an SVG. I had some massive help from @Sahil (thank you ) who added easing effect on mouse scroll. He also suggested that I incorporate an infinite seamless loop of these shapes using the `modifers` plugin. So i pulled what I could from https://cdpn.io/QEdpLe I'm basically have 2 issues: There's a noticeable jump between the end of one loop and the beginning of the next (See attached video: https://drive.google.com/uc?id=1GfIHd98vs85SOCRdOa45OmzsvjCFanJG). It's not quite right `repeat : -1` doesn't
  11. @Sahil Terrific!! thank you so much! i understand what i was missing. From here I'll work on making it infinite. I really appreciate this!
  12. Hey yall, I'm new to greensock, and I love the library and this forum. This forum has especially been helpful as I practice and learn gsap technique. I have a new project that is supposed to animate a background SVG, and it has the following requirements: The background diagonals are supposed to slowly move downwards, kind of like a parallax effect. It's a big SVG with lines running across it When the user scrolls, it supposed to speed up the parallax progress a little bit with some easing, but continues to progress down the timeline When the user scrolls u