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  1. Hi Zach, thanks for getting back The issue is still there with onEnterBack set to "reverse". Try scrolling past the trigger and quickly back up before the animation is complete. The animation just jumps straight to the end and then no longer works? If on the first time scrolling down, you give it enough time to play through before scrolling back, then it works (and continues to subsequently work). But if the user scrolls down and back up quickly, for the first time, before the animation is complete - thats where i'm seeing the animation fail. https://codepen.io/Nysh/pen/ZEQgjWZ
  2. Not sure what I'm doing wrong here. Any help would be fantastic I'd like the animation to play forwards when the scroller start is triggered (scrolling down) and reversed when the user scrolls back up. My issue has to do with the first time it is triggered on scrolling down. If the animation is given the opportunity to play the whole way through, then it works as expected. However, if the user scrolls back up before the animation has fully completed, instead of reversing, the animation jumps to the end state. This issue only happens on the first scroll down, only if the animation has not fully completed AND the user decides to scroll back up (while it is playing forwards). I've watched the intro vids, but I feel like I'm missing something kind of basic Thanks, N.
  3. Hi Zach, Thanks so much for that. That makes sense. Yeh soz I come from a design background, and I've just started learning about JS, hence the messy code. Will endeavour to format it properly in the future. Do you suggest using an extension like like Prettier for visual studio code ? I should probably learn to format myself manually anyway thought right lol. soz for the noob questions. Also, I'm facing another issue with ScrollTrigger, best to post it as new topic yer? Ta, Nish
  4. Hey legends! Thanks for all the amazing work y'all do. Absolutely loving the GSAP journey. I have the following challenge: - I'm trying to create a form that always opens on page 1. - Once open, the user can then click back and forth between the pages - If they close the form from page 2 and then reopen, it opens on page 1 again. - The page section animation has a matchmedia associated with it as well (thanks to Blake!) I've got reduced test case, which almost works. I've built 2 timelines (1 to open the form and 1 to switch pages). The problem lies somewhere in my approach/logic. After closing the form from page 2 and reopening it, it successfully opens on page 1, because I’m using onComplete tl.seek(0).reverse(). HOWEVER, once reopened, the click event to swap pages does not work on the first click and requires the user to click "next" again to switch pages. My goal is to get it to swap pages on the first click. Hopefully that makes sense. Any help on how to approach/fix this would be greatly appreciated Much respect