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  1. ok so just did some further testing on your demo. Thanks heaps for that. And as far as i can see, it is def the change to the autoAlpha thats causing the issue. When the opacity is at 0.001, it has 100% success. I'm finding with the autoAlpha version, the click itself doesn't register sometimes and that's why it wasn't reversing. The weird thing is, the toggle button flashes on the iphone/ipad as if it has been clicked. So strange why that property interferes - I think the solution for me will be to use the opacity setting to 0.001 so i can use gsap for the animation.
  2. reversal-IPAD.mp4 Here's a screen capture. First double tap it doesn't register. Second one - it does.
  3. Hmmm. Its a brand new ipad, so doubt it's a third party tool. Just tested Blake's one again and the issue is still there. It's weird. If your second click happens quickly after the first one (during the anchor stagger), the success rate of the reversal is like 50%. This is what happens when I try it a few times in a row.
  4. Ok so I recreated the stagger using pure css transitions and a simple toggle class to move the animation forward and backwards. This seems to solve the issue, in terms of reversing the animation during the stagger of the anchors. I would prefer to use GSAP though rather than classes. I wonder if this helps to troubleshoot what could be causing the issue? Check codepen below~ https://codepen.io/Nysh/pen/XWeqewL
  5. Hey Blake, Thanks for having a look. It works perfectly on chrome/safari on my laptop. However, I just tested the demo you posted on a safari browser on my ipad (9th Gen) IOS 15 and the toggle doesn't register if pressed during the anchor part of the stagger.
  6. I just tried building the animation from the reversed state, and that also didn't work. I'm hoping the issue is a simple CSS related and not gsap. Been at this for a few days... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. Hi Cassie, I don't think it has to do wit the size of the anchors or pointer-events interefering, as the issue still persists if you click far away from the anchor (with all pointer-events set to "none"). I just tested on an ipad 9th Gen IOS 15.1 and it still happens. https://codepen.io/Nysh/pen/eYGrRxZ What's weird is if you start in the 'reversed state' and then click during the anchor movement it seems to register. That could be a workaround I'll have to explore, but surely theres a simple explanation for why it doesn't register.
  8. Hey fam, Getting some weird behaviour on iphone 12 Pro (IOS 14.3). If you click to reverse the animation (soon after first click), during the stagger of the divs that have anchors, the reverse does not seem to register. However if you click to reverse during the regular divs stagger, it reverses fine, as expected. On the computer in chrome, it works fine and reverses as expected during both staggers. I've made a basic codepen to illustrate. Any help would be greatly appreciated to get this working!
  9. Hey fam thanks so much for all the replies.😍 This forum is truly awesome! I gave it another shot with a slightly different approach. I specified the end, and made the start and end triggers the same, for both timelines. I think this ensures there's no conflict between the first and second tween? start: "top center", end: "top center", It seems to be working so far / fixed the issue of overlap. Here's an updated codepen https://codepen.io/Nysh/pen/mdmvVxy
  10. Hey guys, I'm running into problems when i scroll down or up too quickly. It must be something quite simple, I'm missing. If you scroll down slow, then box 1 appears, and then as you go further down, box-2 appears. But if you scroll down quickly, past both triggers, box 1 doesn't disappear quick enough and all the boxes appear on top of each other. I'm using fromTo's and I've tried "immediate render: false" and "overwrite" but, have not been able to work out what is causing this issue. Hope that all made sense. I've made a minimal codepen demo to show what's going on. Any help is greatly appreciated. Cheers
  11. Hey guys, Couldn't find any info in the docs about using ScrollTrigger.matchMedia and pointers? I tried it with pointer:coarse and it didn't seem to register? Is this a feature / would it be in the future? Something like below. Thanks heaps ScrollTrigger.matchMedia({ "(pointer: coarse)": function() { // setup animations and ScrollTriggers for pointer: coarse?? }, });
  12. Hey @ZachSaucier~ Thanks so much, that seems to fix the first issue perfectly. However, there is still the issue of the "double jump" when moving the cursor from one box to the other back and forth quickly. Not sure why that's happening? Does it have something to do with the ticker?
  13. Hey @mikel, Thanks for the tip and quick response. I've made the speed value = 0.1 on mouseleave which makes it much smoother on mouseleave, and then I've used a timeout function (which feels a bit hacky) to return the speed variable back to 1.0. as this is the speed needed for the cursor normally. This works ok, but due to the timeout the cursor still jumps back into position. Is there a way to make the speed return to 1.0 smoothly after mouseleave , using gsap? https://codepen.io/Nysh/pen/JjbNLwP
  14. Hey guys, I'm having a couple of issues with animating a cursor. The aim is to have the cursor smoothly snap into position when entering a box and smoothly animate back to mouse position on leave (rather than jump to the new mouse position). Also, the cursor should smoothly animate when moving from one box to the other quickly. 1. How would I go about animating the cursor smoothly back to the mouse position after leaving the box (not sure how to store the mouse position while active = false. 2. When moving from one box to the other quickly, how would I prevent the cursor from jumping/flashing back, just before it locks into the new position. Hope this makes sense. I feel like both issues are related to storing the mouse position while the fixCursor function is running? but still unsure how to make it animate smoothly. Any help is greatly appreciated. Cheers
  15. Yooo @Dipscom~ Thanks so much ~!! I've updated the Codepen and it seems to be working exactly as intended! I'm not updating the mouse.x and mouse.y on dragEnd though? i've kept the active variable false the whole time, not sure if that is why? Thanks again for taking the time to help us out. Much appreciated. https://codepen.io/Nysh/pen/jOMogZa