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  1. I just did a great tutorial on it about a month ago that was super from Kevin Powell's youtube channel so yep good idea! Merry Christmas !!! ?
  2. OK wow thank you for all of that. I did appreciate my friends input tho because he made me think about the impact on the page's performance which is something I always want to keep in mind I did understand that the location of the animation in the code does not matter; I only mentioned that because well it would probably be in every header; and I was aware that GSAP itself isn't an issue. I appreciate the clarification on the rest of it esp the way to enhance the performance ! Thank you!! Some minds think alike because the next part I was already preparing to tackle is only have that spin when it's visible lol! Good call! You guys rock! Much appreciated!
  3. A developer friend mentioned that leaving it 'spinning' all the time in a logo would possibly be too many js calls or that this might hamper performance of the site; can you explain how leaving it spinning would affect performance of the site, esp if it's at the top of every page in the header ;-) !
  4. Ok wow thank you guys for the quick responses! ** I was aware of the spacing issue, not sure why I wrote it like that my bad ? ! This is such a great start tho; both for my intro into gsap and to this project! Craig that looks like a possible solution. Zach, kinda funny I had thought about that scenario just last night, but wasn't sure! So it appears that it's moving a little bit horizontally tho? Am seeing that correctly that it jumps a little to the side? If it was in the center (have to figure that one out ) would it appear to remain rotating only around the y axis then?
  5. Hello and apologizing up front, first time posting here ?. Also my first foray into GSAP keep that all in mind. Trying to animate a shape path in an svg logo; attached pen is not the actual logo but it does include a triangle in the real wild I'm wanting to use GSAP3 to just slowly 'spin' the triangle; not rotate it. I included more below if you scroll down to what I'm hoping I can make it look like with a regular just css animation as a demo. THANK YOU ahead of time for any help!