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  1. @ZachSaucier giving multiple characters is working great. instead of "lowercase" and "uppercase" I can write the whole alphabet and cover that cases too many thanks
  2. hello there, I want to use scramble text animation but doesnt look good with multilines as in codepen example in multilines scrambling jumps to next line and the words appears like as if comes from opacity 0 is there any way to solve it thanks
  3. @elegantseagulls I figured that out now I am changing display to block before splitting to lines and then changing back to none problem solved thanks for the assists
  4. @elegantmouse, @ZachSaucier I may be close to my problem https://codepen.io/eomerb/pen/WNbXZEv I changed my codePen when I create divs I set them to .style.display = "none" and on timeline start changed it back to block and onComplete to none again because I want Only animating div to be shown on screen. I don think it will be a problem but when I was trying some other thing I set them to block at creating and realize the div supposed to split to the lines is done can my problem be this ?
  5. @elegantseagulls hello again, I am loading the JSON file like this: $.getJSON("configuration.json", function (result) { myClass.setData(result); }) and I have a custom event method that I trigger when the result is processed. I create my divs and when all divs appended to body I trigger to html drom myClass that splitting is ready I am a beginner in DOM elements but which I dont understand is splitting chars and words is fine only lines are a problem.
  6. @ZachSaucier I did what @elegantseagulls said but instead of class name I used id let split = new SplitText('#div_0',{type:"lines"} but it still moves as one )
  7. @elegantseagulls even if that helps it cant help my project I am reading all the data from json file. it also has a part where animation options has it in. everything is dynamically working if I know splitting lines is using I dont know which div cant hard coded that
  8. hello @elegantseagulls the interesting is I have no problem with breaking to words or chars I am waiting for creating all the divs and then use splitText can it be about css? maybe SplitText thinks its one line due to default css settings
  9. helllo there, I am working on split text animation but dont have text in divs they come from an array and I create divs for them and split and animate everything works fine but splitting lines are not working. div moving all together I console.log splitted lines and only got I div I dont know what I am doing wrong.I put a part of my code(instead of all the text I put 1 text) to codePen. dont know why but it works there. but sometimes it works like my local enviroment div moving all together
  10. @Shaun Gorneau I used onComplete in each but I got nothing probably because of wrong use of syntax works great now thanks a lot.
  11. hello there, I am working on a timeline which has several animations like let objArr = [] let objArr2=[] let tl = gsap.timeline() tl.staggerFrom(objArr,1,{ opacity:0 }) tl.staggerFrom(objArr2,1,{ rotation:180 },0.5) tl.staggerFrom(objArr,1,{ y:-10 }) I want to trigger one or different methods each these 3 completed onComplete method on tl triggers only when these 3 are done please help thanks
  12. hello there, I am working on a stagger which scales down to 1 from 1+(0.1*index of array) I am tryin to reverse it but I cannot use .reverse() because I am changing some values in other tweens I have to create a new timelinemax and do the reverses one by one. the scale is 1 and I needed to increase to 1+(0.1*index of array) how can I write different values to scale I can create another timeline and reverse this one but it will be better if I can write to different values. thanks