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  1. Okay, now I have all informations, thanks for your fast and clear replies
  2. Thank you for this explanation
  3. Thank you for your answer, i'll use multiple timelines, in any way it's more clear. @OSUblake OK for the "paused" state, but I don't understand because after the timeline is created and an instruction is added, the animation start instantly, so with many instructions the animation will start before all instructions are registered, no ? And what if the last instruction's position is set to 0, like for repeating elements or other timeline ?
  4. Hello, On the pen, you can see a simple timeline and then 3 other timelines. I have to animate 2 elements with specific duration and play them at same time. When i set "0" for position on the "b", the next instruction is added after all "a" instructions. I think it's because when you specify a time the playhead is not affected, but i was surprised. I found the > but i have to add it on each element or create timelines. It's not really a problem but maybe i missed something to make it easier ? I didn't tested, but can we make many nested levels ? Thanks
  5. @ZachSaucier you right ! my bad
  6. I'm facing a really weird behavior. On my final code the rotation is done but in a weird way (the left char rotation is 0deg, and other chars rotation is reversed), and on the pen it's fine. I'll investigate thank you for your anwser Maybe write in the doc that the number can be greater than 1 ?
  7. @ZachSaucier this mean the number can be grater than 1, right ? Sorry I edited my prev answer to update and show autoRotate problem
  8. Hi again, I'm not able to find a way to change the start and end angles to start "top" instead of "right". Only solution for now is to do a rotation on the container, is this the only way ? When I set the "start" value to 0.5 on the pen https://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/poJNRpx, there is no difference. When I set autoRotate to true, the rotation is not done on the element on the left, what I am missing ? https://codepen.io/Green-Alpha/pen/ExjZEMB
  9. Thank you for all your answers, my problem is now fixed and u found the reason why, it is logical but I missed it
  10. Is there a topic or anything to know when the 3.2 or next versions will be released ?
  11. @GreenSock i agree for the scale but there is not ^^ and i can't find any reason
  12. I forgot the pointer-events so i'll use it ty
  13. I can use both when needed, but my first concern was to understand why the positions are invalid.
  14. Let me explain the reason why i don't use <svg> in many cases : when creating an svg it's impossible to click element behind, but with <div> it's possible to have each element separated.
  15. Thank you for this answer ! I use gsap for a while but there are so many features...I think ive read and assimilated 50% of the doc only ! I already tested the motionpathplugin but he don't fit my needs, even if he perfectly fit in this codepen. I created basic example on codepen but on my code I have advanced positioning, in this example it's middle, but it can be middle+50, middle-50, inside, inside+50, outside...plus, there is no <circle> i want it to be virtual and the <svg> can be a basic <div>.