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  1. I have a page full of animations that are created with timelinemax. Is it possible to create anchor buttons that will trigger a certain line of animation from a timelinemax scene? For example If I have an animation that at first rotates a box, then moves it in x axis 50 pixels and then changes it's color, is it possible to have a button that will skip let's say the rotation and finishes the rest of the animation? Thanks in advance.
  2. Alright. Thank you for your time:)
  3. Thaks for answering to my question! I've edited the codepen and got rid of most of animations. If you scroll down and then up you'll see that the text is not restarting the animation from x=-100 to x=0 but it starts from x=-100 and stays there.
  4. Hello, I am creating a history page for my website using TimelineMax and Scrollmagic. My animation is fully functional but when I am finishing the timeline something odd is happening. In the fromTo text animations they aren't restarting, they just stay on the position they where before they disappeared when I scrolled down. The Codepen i've created isn't exactly how it can be viewed in my website but you can see the problematic animation on my text. Any ideas on what is going wrong? Thanks in advance for your time