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  1. Working on the codepen example I found my mistake, so I just aded the codepen demo, it may help someone else. Thank you!
  2. Hi, I'm trying to animate a set of cards so when they animate in they rotate to a specific angle, these cards are stacked one on top of each other, so I have position them absolutely inside another div, but the transformOrigin does not seem to have an effect. Any help will be much appreciated. *** UPDATE *** After working on a codepen example I found what I did wrong, the codepen link has a working example. The problem was a reference to an extra div element. Regards, Ricardo
  3. Sure, have a look at my codesandbox At the end of the createGrid() method you will find the timeline object I'm trying to create, but the animation goes one at a time
  4. @OSUblake, Thank you, when tweening threejs onbjects we have to select the object and the property to tween like mesh.rotation then tween the x, y, or z values how can I stagger a collection of threejs elements to they animate like the stagger example using a DOM element? Also where can I find the stagger object properties documentation? Cheers
  5. I'm working on animating a grid of threejs boxes and I would like to implement the grid option available in the stagger object of the timeline, but when doing so I get an error: The example code only shows how to use the stagger options applied to DOM elements so I wonder if I'll need to create my own objects with properties that the grid optins will understand, which I can easly do, but I dont know what it is required. Hope that makes sense. Here is my setup: - There is an array of threejs Meshes layout in a grid - I want to create a timeline to animate all elements in the grid using the stagger grid options like: stagger: { amount: 1.5, grid: "auto", from: "center" } - But I'm getting the error quoted above Any help will be much appreciated.