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  1. Cool. Thanks a lot, Jack!
  2. Hi guys, first I want to say thanks for this extremely helpful forum and all these amazing libraries. Such awesome work. Thank you very much! I work at a company where we build complex mobile banners in different formats we have created. I am having a problem in our HitchHike format. Basically it is the iframe throttling issue in iOS. The animation that works perfectly on Android and desktop slows down to 0.5 frames per second or something ridiculous on iOS. I have been trying to figure out a way to get around this. I was thinking that if I could switch the useRAF off and just have the engine use setTimeOut instead that maybe it would help to get over this issue, but I wasn't able to set the useRAF to false. Here is the link to an example build: https://create.playground.xyz/gupame/2/quiet?pos=header-ad&size=320x50&show-engagements=true If you press Shift + E while not focused in the iFrame, but on the general page, it will open the codePen editor for it. Would be super helpful if anyone could help me with this.
  3. Wanted to add to the question above that this is a completely epic level of support. Really appreciate it. Thank you very much!
  4. Awesome. Thanks so much! What did you change? Just so if I run into this in the future I can change it myself.
  5. I am not completely sure how the system works. I am mainly a designer and animator and a dev only to a certain extent. As much as I understand we serve and inject rich banners on different publisher's pages. I will have to ask more precisely how the system works from the main dev when he gets back in tomorrow. I know that every time we address anything with jQuery for example we have to call it $("elementId", docs.hero) to properly address it.
  6. I saw that post and tried the script from there and it wasn't working. It would be awesome if we could find a workaround and I could use those libraries. I am actually super excited about the potential cool animations I could create. Most of the other designers are using anime, but GS with all these additional libraries would be super cool, Draggable, SplitText etc. I think for the main library this has been fixed as it seems to be working fine.
  7. Sorry, I forgot to create a user on the actual system with that email. :) Try again with user greensock123 and the pw above. My bad. You can view the test ad here: https://create.playground.xyz/gipuna/?&pos=header-ad&size=320x50 If you press Shift E while outside the iFrame it should also switch to the editing mode. Thanks again!
  8. Thanks! I checked that it is the new Draggable. The link is to the development environment that we use that is a version of codepen. It has tabs for creating the formats of ads we make, then an HTML, a CSS and Javascript window for editing and creating the ads. It just needs any Google account to log in and use it as the ads and assets are connected to a user. I made a temporary gmail account for you to use: figuringouterror1@gmail.com, Figuring123! Log in with this and access. It is nothing malicious. We are a start-up in Australia called PlaygroundXYZ. Look it up on playground.xyz I can't use codepen as the error is our platform specific and the error shows up in that specific implementation. And the example is not a full on project, it is just a very basic attempt to get the library working.
  9. Thanks! Really appreciate the quick response. Tried the new file, but it is giving the same error. The main library is working, but the draggable gives that error. I have been trying to figure it out and fix the problem, but it seems to be beyond my skills. Would you mind taking a look at the link I shared above? I really appreciate your help.
  10. I work for a company that builds rich mobile banners and I would like to start using Greensock libraries instead of the Anime.js that we are usually using. I used to use your libraries more when Flash was still alive and I love them. A version that shows the error is here: https://create.playground.xyz/gipuna/8/edit?html,css,js,output There is some kind of an addressing problem, it might have to do with calling the window from the iFrame. If I just tween then there is no problem but if I want to set the element draggable the problem appears. Could you please help, I'd be super grateful. I signed up for your Business Green yesterday and if I don't get the plugins working it will be a waste. I think the problem is similar to the one described here: I really appreciate any help. Cheers!