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  1. Thanks got it to work now. I just wanted to be sure that it was working with my setup.
  2. Thanks @OSUblake done that now. I'm already using the scrollToPlugin and that is working perfect. But still don't see the DrawSVGPlugin in the gsap folder after installing the bonus-tgz. I assume I just have to buy it and copy it in to that folder, and hopefully I can register it like I register the other plugins.
  3. Thanks @ZachSaucier I've done that and that works perfectly, but that doens't include the DrawSVGPlugin right? Do I then purchase and add the file manually in to the gsap folder in my node_modules ?
  4. Hello, I have a question regarding the DrawSVGPlugin. I want to make sure it's possible to import the plugin into a Nuxt.js / Vue.js project before I purchase it? Is there anyone in here that has experience with that? I'm using GSAP 3 I hope someone can help. Thanks, Kristian