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  1. Thanks, Interesting idea, I also follow https://uxplanet.org/functional-animation-in-ux-design-what-makes-a-good-transition-d6e7b4344e5e to learn some more about UI animations
  2. Hey, I have situation like in code pen, but I dont start 😕 3 - equal boxes, vertical boxes (in mobile horizontals) and on hover/touch it should extend On hover text has to go up and to the side, showing more text and button Background also is moving slightly. Other elements: Gray out, and hide content on them. If middle element hovered, other 2 goes to sides like above, if one on the side, then 2 other goes to the side. Like screen 2 Any help would be great, Im really in point where I just have no idea ;/
  3. Aye, looks great, I'll try it Thanks guys!
  4. Yep I update it a bit to make transition, but still this color swap for part of line, I dont know how to ... UpdatedPen I have almost fixed this color thing with color blending, but safari says no thanks you Also now I have to animate those dots in some nice way, and line part color in worst case will stay
  5. Hello, Im trying to create click points on image/svg, that will animate line and point to another element point. As on image example if line is on building 1 and some one click building 2 or 3, line will go to clicked building. Best wil be if it could move just ending point from one to another position, transforming whole line That's my pen https://codepen.io/isuke01/pen/yLyyeyb but nothing exacting so far, I just create clicking area with callback, but I have no idea how to make this to work as it should. Thanks for any help