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  1. Nice! Thanks @OSUblake
  2. Just moved to GSAP 3.2 from TweenMax 2.latest and noticed this warning. Does not happen with TweenMax.set equivalent. For code gsap.set("#nb", {top: "200px"}); //... //... gsap.set("#nb", {clearprops: "top", bottom: "58px"}); I get a warning in 3.2.6, but things continue to work well. Invalid property clearprops set to top Missing plugin? gsap.registerPlugin() Here is the full log demo.localhost-1588964285633.log PS: #nb { position: absolute; padding-top: 8px; white-space: normal; /* needed for edge because edge doesn't understand break-spaces */ white-space: break-spaces; font-size: 16px; width: 100%; left: 0%; line-height: 1.3; }
  3. @OSUblake, Thank you - bind() works perfectly. The code with "Set" is generative and variable names need work. gsap.timeline() .add(this.animationDone.bind(this, "foo", "bar"), "+=1");
  4. The "this" was dropped in 3.0 .call( callback:Function, params:Array, position:* ) : self vs .call( callback:Function, params:Array, scope:*, position:* ) : * scope: * (default = null) — The scope in which the callback should be called (basically, what “this” refers to in the function). NOTE: this parameter only exists in the JavaScript and AS2 versions. How do I port this code to GSAP3? Here are the contents of a class method timelineMax .add([tmTitleSet, tmMetricSet, tmFooterSet]) .add([tmTitle]) .add([tmMetric, tmFooter]) .play() .call(this.animationDone, null, this, "+=1");