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    Thanks for the quick reply, exactly what I needed to know, and yes I've been looking at splitColor, going to have a play with it shortly, so much to learn, and so many toys to play with!
  2. bibbyj


    Hi guys I'm trying to follow a tutorial, part of which uses the color Props Plugin, but it seems to have been removed from gasp 3. Has it been totally removed, or has its functionality been absorbed into another plugin, I can't seem to find any mention of it in the release docs, blog etc, Thanks in advance...
  3. Thanks for the quick reply, everything seems to work as it should, so was just a curiosity more than anything, so no worries then
  4. Hi I've just downloaded the members zip file from my dashboard and have noticed that the files contained in the included tarball are dated 26/10/1985. this date is evident inside the tarball when viewed in 7zip, and also when I npm install the files to my working directory they still have this date, is this normal?