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akapowl last won the day on May 23

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  1. Hello there, @Nitro Interactive. From what I can tell you, in GSAP3, the InertiaPlugin does what the ThrowPropsPlugin did before. The GSAP3 MigrationGuide is a good place to look for relavant changes between versions or if have trouble finding something, you know was there before. I understand that it can be a tad confusing, if you don't know where exactly to look, though.
  2. Hey @therealfirefly, welcome to the GSAP forum! It's actually kind of tough to troubleshoot from just a screenshot, but from a quick glimpse, it looks like you might have just misspelled scrollTrigger. When you use it as an object in a tween or timeline like you do, it is supposed to be scrollTrigger in camelCase and not ScrollTrigger. If changing that doesn't do the trick for you, it would be awesome if you could create a minimal demo for us to look at. Hope it helps resolve your issue though
  3. Hye @ladybytez I guess you are referring to ScrollTrigger? Yes, it will return a number with a decimal point - and as you can see in the explanation below (which is from the ScrollTrigger docs), when you feed the snap a number between 0 and 1, it will snap to increments of that amount along the total progress (which is returned between 0 and 1) of the scroll-duration of that ScrollTrigger. Number - snap: 0.1 snaps in increments of 0.1 (10%, 20%, 30%, etc.). If you have a certain number of sections, simply do 1 / (sections - 1). Since it
  4. My pleasure Well, I also just took a closer look at the website you linked to, and noticed that they don't even make use of clip-path. On there, it actually is a slightly different markup with regard to usage of elements from the one in my demo alongside changing the 'right' property of the projects section on mousemove, with some clever CSS positioning (a fair bit different from my demo, with overflow: hidden on the different sections as a key element) to make it work properly in the first place, when changing the projects section's 'right' value. So as in most cases
  5. Hey there! I was interested myself and as it is the case just so often, this is a perfect example for why GSAP's utils are so useful - they make something like this a real breeze. I'm making use of a clip-path here in combination with mapRange() to get the correct percentage-value for where to set the points of the clipPath that need to be moved on mousemove. Clippy is a really useful tool for visualizing clip-paths and understanding how they work. I guess this can be optimized even further by making use of quickSetter() but I'm happy with it for
  6. Ah yes, that's a bit tricky. I guess since each of your sections is 100px narrower than the viewport, the 100px discrepancy would have to stack for each section. This here works - multiplying the width of the navbar by the indexOf the targetElement within the sections array (not sure if there would be an easier way, though) https://codepen.io/akapowl/pen/99a9bd60e87ad4b89ebb7baa00c14de7 Some notes on that: I used a forEach loop here - just because I am more confident with it over simple for loops. I took everything related to the scrollTo ou
  7. Hey there @Sree The way you're tryoing to do it here, is to simply just tween your sections to a specific point - that will throw everything out of position with the fake-horizontal-scrolling ScrollTrigger on your sections. What you'll want to take a look at is GSAP's ScrollTo Plugin for this. Have you taken a look at the post I linked you to the last time? Here is the demo from the very end of that post showing how to use scrollTo in a scenario as yours as a starting point. Although in your case you will also likely have to consider the 100
  8. +1 for what Zach said. Maybe it's just something small causing your issues, like for instance, that there is no such thing as invalidateOnResize ( you probably meant invalidateOnRefresh ), maybe it's something totally different though. And that's where a minimal demo in a fresh thread really comes in handy to help finding a solution.
  9. Hey @Maxifthen Looks to me, like you might just be loading the wrong Draggable js. If I am not mistaken, this here is not a GreenSock product https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/draggable/1.0.0-beta.12/draggable.min.js Maybe try this one instead? https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/gsap/3.7.1/Draggable.min.js
  10. If I understand correctly, there is a demo in the demo section showing something like that. https://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/YzydvBE
  11. Hey Mark, First off, I'd strongly recommend setting a trigger-element there because otherwise you might not get results you'd expect. If you don't want the pinSpacing to show, you could either wrap your content in a div and pin that wrapping div, or alternatively you could also pin the body. Note that any later triggers on elements within that pinned container (either a set-up wrapper or the body) will not be able to take the pin-spacing into account then (since they will be inside of that pin-spacer) - which is why you will probably have to use the pinnedContainer pro
  12. Hello there @Endry You are using ScrollMagic here, which is not a GreenSock product - so there actually is no support for that in these forums. GreenSock has a plugin of its own now for scroll-based animations - ScrollTrigger. I strongly recommend taking a look, because it is better than ScrollMagic in pretty much every way. And one of the best things: it is being maintained and supported. There is a super neat demos-page where you'll find all sorts of stuff you can do with it, and there also are some awesome collections over on codepen - e.g. a 'S
  13. Hey @Sree The 'ScrollTrigger How-To Pens' collection on codepen contains an example for how to implement dragging in a scenario as such with GSAP's draggable plugin, making use of a proxy element. That one should get you running https://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/ZELQqeJ
  14. Welcome to the forum @mauramirez Actually, I don't think that is the case. If you inspect the elements in dev-tools, you will notice that they all have transforms going on as you scroll but it appears that they are all being 'triggered' and proceeded pretty much at the same time. I think the problem here is based on how locomotive-scroll's pre-prepared effects work in the first place combined with how you are altering the scroll of the page. The way I see it, locomotive-scroll can't know that you are fake-scrolling horizontally with a pin for some time - how s
  15. @Shrug ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Looks, like it has all of them (even the one you just linked to?) - and I have no clue which one is actually being used tbh 😅