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  1. Thank you very much! I tested the preview version in my application and it works perfectly. 👍
  2. Hi GreenSock team, I'm trying to use the Draggable.update function to make a Draggable stick to the cursor because in my application, some elements change their size during the drag. However, I noticed that Draggable.update yields different (and unexpected) results if the Draggable is inside a scrollable DOM element other than the body element. The attached CodePen demonstrates the problem. If you drag the purple box to the bottom of the orange container, it doesn't stick to the cursor. It still moves while scrolling but at a lower speed. If you remove the outermost div, dragging and scrolling works as expected. Do you know if/how I can call Draggable.update and make the element stick to the cursor in a scrollable element?
  3. Thank you very much for improving this so quickly! Initialization is definitely fast enough for my use case now. Looking forward to the next release. ?
  4. Hi GreenSock team, I'm building a drag and drop list/grid with `Draggable` and ran into a performance problem with `Draggable.create`. As demonstrated in the CodePen, the list can contain a large number of items. When the "Make draggable!" button is clicked, `Draggable.create` is called for each element in the list to make it draggable. Unfortunately, this takes a lot of time, especially on mobile devices. Enabling drag and drop for 500 items on a Google Pixel 3a (Firefox) takes about six seconds. It looks like the root cause of this performance issue is the `getGlobalMatrix` function, which appends and removes DOM elements and, therefore, causes several reflows per `Draggable.create` call. I attached two flame graphs that I recorded in Chrome. The first one shows a few consecutive calls and the second one highlights the reflows caused by a single call. Do you have an idea how I can make the list initialization with `Draggable.create` more performant?