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  1. Hello peeps, Is 'autoAlpha' supported in PixiPlugin? If not, does anyone know any third party plugins that do?
  2. Hi there. I'm a bit confused on how someone would add a plugin. I found some forum posts but those were all using gsap 2.0. My goal is to add the PixiPlugin to GSAP 3.0 and use it in a Timeline so I can animate some sprites and stuff. How do I add plugins to GSAP 3.0? Is the Pixi Plugin available for free / GSAP 3?
  3. Hello everone. I have a timeline that tweens multiple DOM elements. I need to reset those elements back to their original state (no left over 'style' or 'css' parameters etc). I think I can just simply set 'style' back to null but idk if this may cause problems due to possible caching in the background? What would be the best GSAP compliant way to reset elements back to their original state?