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  1. I still don't know the fix but I have isolated the problem somewhat. Liquid Area does not like the variable "newBG" coming from the switch statement. If I replace newBG in this line "area.attach(newBG, ScaleMode.PROPORTIONAL_OUTSIDE);" with one of the other variables bg1, bg2... then it works fine.. Of course this ignores the switch. I'll see if I can put a single file together to simulate the problem .... doing it with Gaia will still require lots of files.
  2. I gave the extra time and releasing shot but I didn't get a difference in the background. The background is not resizing and filling the stage like it should. Even the very first background doesn't re-size. Dave
  3. I have a Gaia flash file that I'm trying to change backgrounds for each page. The background itself changes nicely but I'm having a problem getting the background to scale to the stage size. I'm trying to use Liquid Area to try and handle it and it does well with a single background but as soon as I introduced more my code choked.. Thanks package com.picturesite.pages { import com.gaiaframework.api.*; import com.gaiaframework.events.*; import com.gaiaframework.templates.AbstractPage; import com.greensock.TweenMax; import com.greensock.easing.*; import com.greensock.layout.*; import flash.display.*; import flash.events.*; public class IndexPage extends AbstractPage { public var bg1:MovieClip; public var bg2:MovieClip; public var bg3:MovieClip; public var bg4:MovieClip; public var bg5:MovieClip; public var bg6:MovieClip; public var newBG:MovieClip; public var bBar_mc:MovieClip; var releaseGaia:Function = Gaia.api.afterTransitionOut(onAfterTransitionOut, true); public function IndexPage() { super(); alpha = 0; } override public function transitionIn():void { super.transitionIn(); bg2.visible=bg3.visible=bg4.visible=bg5.visible=bg6.visible=false; TweenMax.to(this, 0.3, {alpha:1, onComplete:transitionInComplete}); var ls:LiquidStage = new LiquidStage(this.stage, 960, 760, 960, 760); var area:LiquidArea = new LiquidArea(this, 0, 0, 960, 760); area.attach(newBG, ScaleMode.PROPORTIONAL_OUTSIDE); ls.update(); } override public function transitionOut():void { super.transitionOut(); TweenMax.to(this, 0.3, {alpha:0, onComplete:transitionOutComplete}); Gaia.api.removeAfterTransitionOut(onAfterTransitionOut); } private function onAfterTransitionOut(e:GaiaEvent):void { var newBG:MovieClip; switch(Gaia.api.getCurrentBranch()) { case Pages.HOME : newBG = bg1; break; case Pages.PACKAGES : newBG = bg2; break; case Pages.PHOTOS_SAMPLES : newBG = bg3; break; case Pages.VIDEOS_SAMPLES : newBG = bg4; break; case Pages.TESTIMONIES : newBG = bg5; break; case Pages.CONTACT : newBG = bg6; break; } TweenMax.allTo([bg1,bg2,bg3,bg4,bg5,bg6], .5, {autoAlpha:0}); TweenMax.to(newBG, .5, {alpha:1, onComplete:releaseGaia}); } } }