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  1. I wrote a method to fix this case, can I post it here or do you want an email?
  2. Update, I tried the method that is described here. viewtopic.php?f=3&t=2701&p=10255&hilit=origin#p10255 You don't need the tween at all, you can just position the object where you want it but this doesn't solve the issue at all because the TransformManager doesn't follow along with the changed size. To get around this I tried calling updateSelection() but this messes up everything, I don't think this method was ment to be called while scaling. Has anyone found another way to handle this?
  3. I need to change the origin point that scaling is done by but the origin property doesn't seem to work. Here's the code. var transformManager:TransformManager = new TransformManager({constrainScale: true}); var item:Sprite = new Sprite(); item.graphics.beginFill(0xFF00FF,1); item.graphics.drawRect(0,0,100,100); addChild(item); var transformItem:TransformItem = transformManager.addItem(item); transformItem.origin = new Point(item.width/2,item.height/2); If I drag a corner it should resize and position itself so that the registration point stays in the same point, not that the corner that I am dragging is pulled out. I saw another post here about it not working and someone tweening to the location they need. Is this really the only work around? Is it that origin doesn't work or am I trying to use origin as something that it is not? Is there another way to fix this issue.