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  1. Hi, I'm back, I've followed your advices and solved my issue, it was about the default units of gsap was set to pixels and pass them to percent solved everything in addition to set "fromTo" tweens instead of "from" or "to" tweens and cherry on the cake, the timeline is now easily readable ! 🙂 Now i just need to take care about others "left" unit values in my others tweens or it's possible to limit the propagation to a module 🤔 ? I could otherwise redefine gsap.config with each function call ? https://codepen.io/Pierre-Darrieutort/pen/bGdxbvm?editors=0010
  2. Hi, thanks of your answer and your time, I've followed your advices (and made a codepen demo https://codepen.io/Pierre-Darrieutort/pen/bGdxbvm?editors=0010) The problem is persistent after change my errors by your previous GSAP functions 😕 I still observing a bug when I resize my window to execute a second time my tween and if I refresh all is okay for the first tween and after one resize the same problem happens.
  3. Hi, I meet a simple problem with a tween : when I execute a first time my tween and then resize my window, the tween is happens badly, but if I refresh my page everything works fine, I've searched on forums but I don't find expected results 😕 In a first time, I've thinked the problem was linked to my CSS properties but when GSAP tweening it uses pixels values, and that's my only clue to resolve the problem. Here, an attached minimal repository : https://github.com/pierredarrieutort/Jape/tree/minimal_repo_for_menu
  4. - This is my project (needs of a lot of pieces to work so it's a big "minimal repository" 😅) https://github.com/pierredarrieutort/Jape/tree/unique-project-pages - You can find the file at this place: https://github.com/pierredarrieutort/Jape/blob/unique-project-pages/src/scripts/projects_preview.js - It acts on this file: https://github.com/pierredarrieutort/Jape/blob/unique-project-pages/src/pages/project-preview.ejs If you clone and launch the dev script, the incriminated page is Illustration or Graphic Design when you click on the menu
  5. Hi, to answer at the "WHY" : Every time the user scroll the function is executed, and I want to prevent the function if the tween is active. And by the way, I can't store the tween into a variable because the contained variables are no updated at the function call (i don't understand why) And the below snippet print all console.logs but never starts the tween 😕 const CONTAINER_STRING = '#main-container>main', CONTAINER = document.querySelector( CONTAINER_STRING ) let currentChild = 0, tween = gsap.to( CONTAINER, .5, { scrollTo: '#' + document.que
  6. I've create a function which scrolls to the next anchor detecting the scroll direction (See below) const CONTAINER_STRING = '#main-container>main', CONTAINER = document.querySelector( CONTAINER_STRING ) let currentChild = 0 gsap.registerPlugin( ScrollToPlugin ) CONTAINER.addEventListener( 'wheel', ( { deltaY } ) => { if ( currentChild < CONTAINER.childElementCount - 1 && deltaY > 0 ) currentChild++ if ( currentChild > 0 && deltaY < 0 ) --currentChild gsap.to( CONTAINER, .5, { scrollTo: '#' + document.queryS
  7. It's actually working with GSAP v2 (Here : https://codepen.io/Pierre-Darrieutort/pen/VwwQJRy) But after the font link removed with GSAP v3 (Here : https://codepen.io/Pierre-Darrieutort/pen/wvBKLoy), the console still write Invalid property ease set to power4.in Missing plugin? gsap.registerPlugin(). From the v2 pen to the v3 pen i've just changed the properties names like described in the documentation, i don't understand where is the problem from ?
  8. Hello everyone, I've just upgraded my project to GSAP v3, but CSSRulePlugin doesn't works properly anymore. In a first time i've thinked that was a problem behin the CDN delivery but after few tests, i can't see where exactly is the problem. Below, the console warned me about stuff extends with CSSRulePLugin. Someone can explain to me what should i change to make it work ? Thanks you by advance !