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  1. Yes you are right, I will look at that link and try to do just that - I'll post any failure or success here.
  2. Ah I found the answer from the master himself: Maybe I'll look on ActiveDen.net...
  3. Can I use a Flexlib component in a pure SWF project? I'm using the Flex compiler but this isn't a Flex app and I'm not using the Flex framework, just AS3. I should know the answer to that myself as I've developed plenty of Flex apps but I always used Flex Builder for those
  4. Hey thanks I'll look at that right away! Got to fix this slider before I go nuts I will definitely let you know.
  5. The big problem is that the MouseEvents aren't responding when you hover/drag/release the Slider - the Alerts I set up to test the MouseEvents are not being fired. slider.lowVal = 0; slider.startVal = 0; slider.highVal = timeline.totalDuration; slider.enable(); slider.addEventListener(SliderUIEvent.ON_PRESS, thumbDragHandler); slider.addEventListener(SliderUIEvent.ON_RELEASE, thumbReleaseHandler); slider.addEventListener(SliderUIEvent.ROLL_OVER, stopHandler); function stopHandler(event:SliderUIEvent):void { timeline.gotoAndStop(timeline.currentTime); Alert.show("ROLL OVER currentTime is " + timeline.currentTime, {buttons:["OK"]}); } function thumbDragHandler(event:SliderUIEvent):void { Alert.show("i got pressed ", {buttons:["OK"]}); } function thumbReleaseHandler(e:SliderUIEvent):void { Alert.show("onRelease currentValue is " + e.currentValue, {buttons:["OK"]}); timeline.currentTime = slider.currentValue; timeline.resume(); } function updateSlider(event:TweenEvent):void { slider.currentValue = timeline.currentTime; } Probably time to just ditch this slider and not waste any more time...
  6. Dear Carl - thanks so much for spending your time looking at my file; it was a lot to ask and you are a kind soul! I started out using gs. structured platform from Greensock but I did download and import the main package when I decided to use TimelineMax - so eliminated the reference to the old package that uses the com.greensock.* structure. Perhaps I should go for a new slider - is there a way to import the regular Flash component when you are using the command line compiler from the Flex SDK? Then I could use a nice example for a slider that I found on this forum, which isn't set up as a pure actionscript class, but rather in a .FLA. Thanks again for your help, I'm a bit blown away by how cool the Greensock stuff is and how generous the developer as well as the others like yourself are on this forum. warm wishes from Alaska Stacey
  7. oops sorry forgot images, I just added them although you'll have to correct the PATHS for embedding in the class file if you want to compile, as well as your path to the Verdana font.
  8. I've built a slideshow using 5 movieclip pages using TimelineMax and TweenMax. Works great! I had the idea to use a slider for navigation, to make it easier for people to go forward and backward, as using a forward/backward button is a bit clunky. I borrowed a little code I found on the forum, and tried integrating that with an AS3 slider class I found online. Since I"m doing this all via the command line using the Flex SDK compiler, I can't use the slider component from Flash CS4 or CS5. I have to do this via the command line, as I'll be generating hundreds of SWFs with this code. My slider does update along with the timeline, but I can't seem to interact with the slider at all. Mouse events (hover, press, release) don't register at all. I've attached a sample of my slideshow (the timeline stuff is still a work in progress!), as well as the .as file for my SWF, as well as the relevant class files. If anybody has an idea why my slider is failing to react to mouse events I'd be super appreciative!! In case anybody would like to compile directly from the folder, you can just change the path to your own Flex SDK in the .bat file, and click to compile the SWF.