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  1. Having trouble uploading, here is an online copy of my own CSS file modified from the Animate.css project: http://instaspanish.com/dev/animate.css
  2. Ah 1 note - I've stripped all vendor prefixes out of my Animate CSS file, i'll attach it here in case anybody would like to see.
  3. I've got a project where I'm using Animate.css a lot, due to the fact that they are super easy to plug in, and the quality of these animations is very good. For anybody not familiar, Animate.css is just a pre-done CSS file that you can plugin really easily by just adding these animation classes to your element. The guy has a nice page showing what each animation looks like, so you don't have to spend all of the time experimenting yourself. But...Greensock would of course be better! For a slideshow like I'm doing now using TimeLineMax, I've found that trying to integrate Animate.css is really a challenge. While probably doable with a couple more hours of tweaking, I think I'd rather replace them with Greensock versions. I'd be happy to post what I come up with here. Is there anybody else who might like to have a list of Greensock compatible replacements for some of these? Or just even a master list of animations sort of like Animate.css has, people can use to plug in animations quickly? Seems like a worthy idea anyway! best wishes Stacey
  4. thanks Jack - worked perfect. Setting the autosize to "center" was also key to getting the words to center properly in the sprites. The TransformManager has worked wonders for me - thanks again for the sweet script
  5. Hey and thanks in advance to anybody who can help - I just want the Delete key to work for deleting textFields that have the TransformManager applied to them. I have hasSelectableText set to false, but the fields still won't delete properly. They have no selectable text in them either. Is there some other setting I've missed? I've also had no luck scaling them - where the TEXT actually scales too - as just scaling the invisible field is of no use to me. manager4 = new TransformManager({targetObjects:[theWord], allowMultiSelect:true, handleSize:6, lineColor:0xCDD7F5, hasSelectableText:false, paddingForRotation:24, lockScale:true, allowDelete:true, hideCenterHandle:true, autoDeselect:true });
  6. Hey Carl - sorry been out sick, missed this reply. Thanks a lot for that link, it might be the missing piece to something I"m trying to do in order to eliminate a lot of wasted re-loads in my app! Hope life is treating you good over there in the big Apple Still buried in snow here, but going to Disneyland next week w/ the kids should really be a treat. We've never done anything like that so we are really psyched. have a great day, Stacey
  7. Ok I had some thumb resizing going on that I didn't realize - so now the bitmap thumbs aren't too bad. But I'd still like to send over a COPY of the SWF to the subject, rather than the thumbnail SWF - otherwise the user can only put 1 of those items on the screen, 1 time - they can't ever access that item again without reloading all of the thumbs. So I need to find a way to create a duplicate of the ContentDisplay object on the fly, whenever the user clicks on it.
  8. Hi Tito I got this working great but the images look terrible - really fuzzy. Adding smoothing didn't help. Have you found any way to get the bitmap images a bit smoother?
  9. Hello - I've got a grid of thumbs which I use to dress a subject. Right now onClick I'm tweening the actual thumb over to the subject, which leaves a blank space in my grid, and means I have to keep reloading the thumbs. Bad solution. Loading 2 SWFs (1 for the thumb and 1 to actually use to dress the subject) is not a good option right now as I don't want to rewrite all of the XML, which only has 1 swf per image. I'm loading the thumbs via getContent from the imageLoader - and while I've found some nice code to duplicate these as bitmaps - the bitmaps look terrible compared to the original SWFs. How about casting these thumbs as MCs, then duplicating those? Has anybody done something like that? I tried using the makeCopy function that Jack posted, but kept getting an argument number error, even though I was passing it via my MouseEvent. If anybody has done something like this, I'd be delighted to see it! thanks a lot Stacey
  10. Hi Tito any way you can give an example of how to use this?
  11. Thanks Carl - this was exactly what my brain hadn't managed to produce today - thanks Buddy!
  12. Hello guys! I am having a bit of trouble timing something, as I'm not sure how to listen for a getContent = completely loaded event. Here is my code adding the image to the stage: var thumb:ContentDisplay = LoaderMax.getContent(thumbnailBigArray); I need another event to fire ONLY when the rawContent is available. thanks a ton in advance! Stacey
  13. Hey Carl - thanks for that - hope you are doing great over there in the big city I actually figured out the problem was trying to use just 1 mask loaded as a SWF for a whole array of thumbs. This is probably as UNelegant as it gets, but here was my solution: I call this after all the thumbs are loaded - and it's working pretty sweet now. var loader3 function addThumbMasks():void { trace('thumbMask function thumbArray = ' + thumbArray.length); for (var i:int = 0; i < thumbArray.length; i++) { loader3 = new SWFLoader($.subject + '/' + windowType + '_mask' + '.swf', {x:5, y:5,height:thumbHeight-35,width:thumbWidth-35,scaleMode:"proportionalInside"}); loader3.load(); maskLoadersArray.push(loader3); } TweenMax.delayedCall(.1,onLoadSWF); } var mcArray:Array = []; function onLoadSWF():void { for (var i:int = 0; i < thumbArray.length; i++) { var mc:MovieClip; mc = maskLoadersArray.rawContent; //the root of the child swf mcArray.push(mc) } TweenMax.delayedCall(.1,addMasksNow) trace('mcArray check ' + mcArray) } function addMasksNow():void { for (var i:int = 0; i < thumbArray.length; i++) { if (thumbArray!= null && mcArray != null) { thumbArray.addChild(mcArray); //add the ContentDisplay to the display list even before raw content is loaded. thumbArray.mask = mcArray thumbArray.visible = true; } } }
  14. I know this has something to do with .content vs .rawContent, but I can't seem to get a mask working on a loaded image! Since these thumbs are in a grid that the user uses to drag onto another object, I need the mask to load onto the thumb itself - but I'd rather mask whats INSIDE the thumb and not the thumb itself... anybody see the error here? Thanks in advance! Here is my code: var thumb:ContentDisplay = LoaderMax.getContent(thumbnailBigArray); thumb.scaleMode = "proportionalInside" grid_holder.addChild(thumb); thumb.width = thumbWidth; thumb.height = thumbHeight; thumb.x = (i % thumbCols) * (thumbWidth + padding) + 10; thumb.y = int(i / thumbCols) * (thumbHeight + padding) + 0; if (needsMask == "yes") { var loader3 = new SWFLoader($.subject + '/' + windowType + '_mask' + '.swf', {x:5, y:5,height:thumbHeight-35,width:thumbWidth-35}); thumb.addChild(loader3.content); //add the ContentDisplay to the display list even before raw content is loaded. thumb.mask = loader3.content; loader3.load(); } thumbArray.push(thumb);
  15. thanks very much - I had figured out how to apply the Matrix, but not that you could just leave the values blank - I had them filled in like this: thumbArray[e].transform.matrix = new Matrix(0,0,1,1,1) I'll send you a SWF when I'm done with all of this, it's quite a mix of your TransformManger, TweenMax, and some other stuff thrown in!
  16. Hi Jack - still having a bit of trouble, - sorry about that! Can you be more specific about how to transform an object back to its original settings? Something like this? thumbArray[e].transform(x:0, y:0, scaleX:1, scaleY:1, rotation:1) How do I actually call the transform() function - as the above is not exactly right!
  17. Hello and sorry as this is the kind of question where you are asking somebody to do your coding for you... (sheepish look...) I've got a delete all thing working fine - although since I move my mc's once they are dragged onto the stage, I found it easier to just get the numChildren of that mc and remove them that way. But for my "delete just this 1 thing" setup - what I'd really love is to add a little garbage can that the child can drag the items into - that way I can add a fun little sound or something, and kids are pretty familiar with this type of setup for deletion. I see I'll have to use a hitTest or collision detection - but if anybody has done this and has an exact piece of code that works with the TransformManager - I'd be really thankful!!
  18. Actually you know what, I just realized I'm going to be repopulating these item windows every time they load - so all I really need is the ability to mass DELETE.
  19. This is a dress up type app - work in progress, so screenshot is very bare! Yes I do want the child to be able to put all objects back to their old position with 1 click - will that code do that?
  20. Sure Jack Hey one question that I haven't yet searched for - how do I reset ALL objects under the control of the TransformManager?
  21. Ok what I came up with for mobile use of the TransformManager - I adjusted all 3 functions in the TransformManager.as - function _createScaleCursor added to the bottom so it reads: s.scaleX = 10; s.scaleY = 10; return s; function _createRotationCursor added to the bottom so it reads: s.rotation = -45; s.scaleX = 10; s.scaleY = 10; return s; function _createMoveCursor s.scaleX = 5; s.scaleY = 5; return s; Then in the code of my project, I added this: var manager:TransformManager = new TransformManager({targetObjects:[mc], constrainScale:true, lockRotation:false, allowDelete:false, autoDeselect:true, paddingForRotation:30, handleSize:35, hideCenterHandle:true}); TransformManager.customizeScaleCursor(null, false, 70, 70, false); TransformManager.customizeRotationCursor(null, false, 70, 70, false); My handles are set to 35, and the paddingForRotation to 30 - this tests really well even on a phone - giving a pretty decent distinction between scaling and rotating, with the elements nice and big so you don't feel like the user will be asking "why can't this thing just pinch and zoom?" Hope this helps somebody
  22. Ok so that is working awesome. But... What is going to be confusing to kids is how to scale versus how to rotate. It seems it would be better if certain handles ONLY rotated, and the other ones ONLY scaled - is that possible? If not - has anybody else done something to make it clearer to the user when they can rotate and when they can scale? When you are using fingers instead of a mouse, this gets pretty blurry right now. Fantastic plugin!!
  23. Alright its not too elegant, but I hacked up the TransformManager.as and added to this function: private static function _createScaleCursor at the end, before the return s; - I did this: s.scaleX = 3; s.scaleY = 3; return s; That will scale the cursor bigger, then I can use that other code to adjust the position further away from the mc
  24. So I've found this code here in the source... TransformManager.customizeScaleCursor(null, false, 16, 26, false); I'll try that first! Since this is an app for kids I want to make the scale and rotating really obvious