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  1. Thanks Zach. Please found the recreated pen as you suggested https://codepen.io/parinagp/pen/vYYrWQy
  2. I have also tried and tested in incognito window of the browser. That forks fine for me. It works on chrome and not in other browser it has mixed content ssl issue. (EDIT: DEMO LINK REMOVED)
  3. Hi Zach. This is the new pen with minimal example (EDIT: DEMO LINK REMOVED). Hope this does not ask for passwords this time. thanks!
  4. Hi Jonathan, Oops sorry I totally forget, I created this code pen to give you rough idea (EDIT: DEMO LINK REMOVED). The animation on this are wobby. I am new to green sock and sorry for lack of my knowledge on this. I wanted to show the image sequence in a smooth way and not sure what I am missing here. Thanks!
  5. Hi, I had been using gsap and scroll magic to show and hide image sequence. But the animations are not smooth. They are choppy. Can anyone help me. Here is the link to the page http://geekpowerdev.com/pivotal-2/ Thanks!