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  1. This works as expected. I have updated codepen you can check But now first time when we scroll 1st slide to 3rd slide it's working fine but when we scroll reverse(scroll up from 3rd to 1st slide) 3rd to 2nd slide working fine but when we scroll 2nd slide to 1st slide there is opacity issue in class="section section2" it should be opacity 0 in 2nd slide(that time current slide is 1st slide .section1) instead of .7/.8 you can check. Also I need your help for button which is left side center align. I have added some code for active status & click to play particular slide but not working
  2. Okay Let me be more specific. Check my codepen now I have updated time from .2 to .7 in animations[0], animations[1], animations[2] all the three slides. You can find that time in updated code is .from('.section1 .portfolio-inner-image',.7,{yPercent:100}) Now you can see the scroll animation issue from 2nd slide. 1st slide animation is working fine which have blue background but the 2nd slide animation(orange background) not working properly is showing visibility hidden, opacity 0 instead of visibility visible, opacity 1. If I will change this .7 to .2 .from('.section1 .p
  3. Please check the scroll from 1st slide to 3rd slide top to bottom or bottom to top repeatedly, there you will a glitch
  4. @ZachSaucier Check this codepen animation I have created where I'm facing an issue which is If we try to change timing of object(portfolio-inner-image) then it breaks. i.e. if you try to change time of class(portfolio-inner-image) from 0.2 to 0.7 in JS; it breaks. https://codepen.io/jaimindarji07/pen/bGGZNmE
  5. @ZachSaucier I want to add remove class in active slide This is the code link https://codepen.io/MAW/pen/XmozON
  6. Can you please help me I want to add remove class in active slide