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  1. Hello all, I'm trying to add multiple images to a blank movie clip on my stage using the addChild method in an array. After many hours I got it almost working. The only problem now is that all of my arrayed images tween at the same time. They don't stagger. Is there any way to take the code that I have done and have each image tween, then the next, and so forth? I also need the timeline to repeat indefinately after all arrayed images have finished (which is why I have nested timelines). Thank you! var myTimelineCardMain:TimelineMax = new TimelineMax({repeat:-1}); var sArray:Arr
  2. OMG! I can't thank you enough! You've been such a huge help for me this whole project! HUGE virtual HUG!!! gotoAndPlay(1) worked just dandy. Figures when I spend the past 3 hours trying to resolve the issue it was that simple. I'm gonna test it on all my usual browsers and operating systems just to be sure, but...it worked locally for me
  3. Sorry for the "ASAP" part but my project is supposed to go out today and I noticed a glitch which I cannot figure out. I have a loader: var queue:LoaderMax = new LoaderMax({name:"mainQueue", onProgress:progressHandler}); queue.append(new SelfLoader(this, {name:"self"})); queue.append(new SWFLoader("title_mask.swf", {name:"title_mask", estimatedBytes:2196542, autoPlay:false})); //begin loading queue.load(); function progressHandler(event:LoaderEvent):void { var pcent:Number=event.target.progress*100; lbar.scaleX=pcent/100; lbc.text=int(pcent)+"%"; if(pcent == 100){ gotoAndPlay
  4. Hmmm that is really odd. Your animation worked for me as well. I guess I am not 100% positive the swfs are AS3. They were exported from After Effects (which is why they are so large and I'm loading them externally in the first place). I'll have to look into it some more. It is strange that AE 5.5 would export swfs in AS2 when AS3 is the new thing. Is there a work around if the swf's are AS2? Once again, I really really appreciate you taking the time to work on this with me. Thanks! UPDATE - I got it to work finally!!! I ended up taking my exported swf from After Effects and bringing
  5. Sorry about that. Attached is the cs4 version. I think I see what you mean now, but I still can't seem to get it to run correctly. Even when I get it to load and play, it still ignores my "autoplay:false" command and plays before I even tell it to.
  6. Thank you for bearing with me...I'm sorry to be going all over the place here. I'm just trying any option I can think of and I guess it's becoming a mess. What I would like to do, and you are correct in your assumption, is load all my swfs and then later on, call an individual loaded swf to play. I already have empty movie clips made to put the loaded swfs in. This is where the "title_show" came in. So I took your previous code and changed it to this: LoaderMax.getLoader("title_mask").rawContent.play(); title_show.addChild(LoaderMax.getContent("title_mask")); (BTW - I changed the
  7. Hmmm, I thought it would be something like that. I am getting an error though: Error #1069: Property play not found on flash.display.Loader and there is no default value. After looking through the forums some more, I found that someone else had that issue but it was resolved with them changing the AS code from 2 to 3. All of my swfs are in AS3 so that's not the problem. It was mentioned that there might be an issue with not having a crossdomain.xml file. Looking into what that is, it seems like that is for if your swfs are coming from different domains which mine are not. They ar
  8. Hello again, I have another question about this now that I'm looking over my code some more. So I have the loader set up: var queue:LoaderMax = new LoaderMax({name:"mainQueue", onProgress:progressHandler}); queue.append(new SelfLoader(this, {name:"self", estimatedBytes:459403, autoPlay:false})); queue.append(new SWFLoader("snowfall.swf", {name:"snowfall", estimatedBytes:1324144, autoPlay:false})); queue.append(new SWFLoader("banner.swf", {name:"banner", estimatedBytes:461226, autoPlay:false})); queue.append(new SWFLoader("plane_lg.swf", {name:"plane_lg_swf", estimatedBytes:349347, a
  9. Ah, ok... i guess I need to play around with using the stage X and Y positions then. Every time I have tried so far I keep getting an error that Stage isn't defined or something to that extent (I stopped working on it for the night so the error isn't in front of me). And yes, I decided not to use the code to make the snowball shoot through the target. It seems to make more sense to have it stop at the clicked point and then be removed. The other user, jgutherie, did need that code and I am glad that I was able to start the convo for them to get it. I really appreciate all the help you have bee
  10. Hello again, Thank you so much for providing all your suggestions and code. I have my snowballs being thrown perfectly but now there is a weird glitch. I am trying to make it that when you click on a target, the snowball will hit it and then the target disappears. Trying to test out code to make that work is being hampered by the fact that every time I click my target movie clip, the snowball goes flying off to the side, it won't fly toward the target mc. The only bit of code I edited from what was suggested above is this: But i can't see why that would be a problem. Any ideas???
  11. On second thought...I can probably make use of the fact that the snowball stops where it does. So scratch that concern... If anyone has any thoughts on how to get the snowball follow the mouse click once and then on the next click make a new one...i'd be very appreciative of your help. Thanks again in advance!
  12. Hi All, Have another question for everyone. I'm now trying to create a snowball fight type game. I want it to play out where the user tries to click on a target and a snowball will come out from the bottom center of the screen and be "thrown" in the direction of the click. After spending hours trying to figure this out, I decided to try greensock tweens and it got me very close. Here is the code I am using: var Bullet:bullet = new bullet(); // define bullet start point and speed Bullet.speed = 3; Bullet.x = 360; Bullet.y = 400; addChild(Bullet); //declares variables var mousePositi
  13. Thank you so much both of you for your kind words and help. I just downloaded a debugger for my flash projects since I had never used one before. I'm looking into that null object now. I know my swf files are huge, I was hoping that loading them first before playing would solve any lag time issues. I suppose not. I did switch some of the animations to be frame based and I see a huge difference in keeping the animations together. When I get a chance, I'm going to see about doing something like making just the propeller in AE and the rest vector. Perhaps that will help things along. For now thou
  14. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions. Here is a test link that shows the issue. http://www.inspiredbynight.com/holiday/ It basically starts when the title of the animation comes in, it looks like it hesitates briefly and then throws everything else off. I know that my swfs built in AE are fairly large (about 2 mb) so I wanted to make sure that all my swfs were loaded in advance before I played the main movie. Which is why I have a separate file to make sure all is loaded before the main movie plays. Here is the code for when my plane comes in: var TimeLi
  15. Hello all, I'm having a strange timing issue in my flash movie. I created some animations in After Effects and exported them as swfs. Then I set up code to load them in externally in my main movie. Here is an example of how I did one of them: //add title var title_loader:Loader = new Loader(); // URLRequest points to your external SWF var SWFtitle:URLRequest = new URLRequest("title_mask.swf"); //create the container Movie Clip to load swf var swf_title:MovieClip= new MovieClip(); title_loader.load(SWFtitle); //just add the loaded swf to container swf_title.addChild(title_loader); //