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  1. Hey @OSUblake, thanks for taking a look at this... although I fear you might be skimming quickly and jumping to incorrect conclusions. I'm making examples, but they are for our project, not GreenSock. I linked to it earlier; StimulusReflex is a Rails library. Rails uses npm/webpack and in our community, we predominantly use the modern import syntax. Our client library is also tightly integrated with Stimulus and it's import all the way. A large and increasing number of sites on the web publish the code for their public marketing sites on GitHub. That means a company who
  2. Yesterday, the Draggable page that I linked to still contained multiple references to throwProps and didn't actually include a mention of the new inertia property on the Draggable class. I had to look at the source to verify the new key was in fact inertia. Today, there's lots of info about the InertiaPlugin on the page. That's awesome. I also briefly was forced to manually set the height of the DOM element containing the documentation copy to a large value because it was being clipped on every page; happily, that bug seems to have been resolved as well. I will definite
  3. I just wanted to give everyone some advance notice that the browser makers are doing away with the notion of a shared browser cache over the next year or so. In practical terms, this means that we can no longer rely on browsers to have GSAP cached even though it's hosted on a CDN. This is a major departure from the past, and unfortunately might come as a bit of a downer if you're trying to minimise your JS payload footprint. https://www.jefftk.com/p/shared-cache-is-going-away
  4. Hi gang! I'm new to the party but just finished my first GreenSock implementation. Congrats on v3! Seems like I showed up at the perfect time. Once you catch all of the documentation issues (Draggable seems to have literally improved overnight!) this library will truly be my new favourite thing. For example, here is my implementation of a fancy knob that will scrub at variable speed depending on how far you turn it to the left or right. It will scrub even when you're not dragging the knob. Experience gives me the wisdom to recognise that this implementation would not be terse or po