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  1. And for everyone who stumbles randomly over this thread, i figured Sizmek also hosts those plugins by themselves, so no cdn links required anymore https://support.sizmek.com/hc/en-us/articles/360028287412-Sizmek-Ad-Serving-Shared-Libraries
  2. Hello Carl, wow. it works now! Thanks alot for that great support! Now i know why they call you a superhero ...
  3. Hi, thanks for the quick reply! yeah I have excluded the animation.js because i couldnt call it, so i included the animation within the index file. i figured that even without those whole sizmek assets the animation wont be triggered.
  4. Hello everybody, i just had a little inconvenience occuring to me, when i wanted to animate a Sizmek Deluxe Banner (inside of their Template) using TimeLine Light and Tween Light. The code is read properly, console log is also working, no compiler errors and so on. just ... the animation wont play. I have contacted their support that is pretty good but unfortunately they also couldn't come up with a solution. Did anybody have a same experience or has an idea about how to fix that (i also tried not to use timeline but only TweenLite in its stead, but no response whatsoever)? Thanks in advance and best regards Felix 01_DeluxeBanner_2.0.0.zip