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  1. Jones Greensock released their own scroll plugin, ScrollTrigger, check it out. This looks doable with scroltrigger
  2. Hi Mike, you want the tween to be played when element enters the viewport both way? You can use toggleActions, everything is explain in their scrollTrigger video. https://greensock.com/docs/v3/Plugins/ScrollTrigger
  3. Thanks for info and fast replay, I thought it was me doing something wrong.
  4. Hi Zach, I forked Blake's pen, to animate each box, but start and end point markers move with the page, and don't stick to element, do you know why is that? https://codepen.io/artyor/pen/bGEGVZg?editors=0010
  5. Hi, I will try to acomplish it with this. Yes Im aware that manipulating height/padding is not the ideal, but it was some unique animation I wanted to create. Thank you
  6. Hi guys, here is a demo where I reproduced the problem. Markers of H1 element are off the same amount as the other section element above it changed it's height(padding top and bottom) before it. By markers I also mean the start and end point of actual animation. Any way to avoid this? PS. Thank you for creating this awesome plugin! It's awesome
  7. I have two tweens in timeline, and both duration is set to same amount ".35". I want to bottom line animation last as long as duration of text animation, and to start at the same time, so I added "-=.35". This would work as intended in my mind if there wasn't stagger in 1st tween, which adds up on its duration. Now I can do calulation and add custom duration to line tween, but I will have more buttons with different char number, so the 1st tween will never be the same. Is there a way to make 2nd tween as long as 1st tween, regardless of how many elements will be affected by stagger?
  8. Well I assume there is still no exact date of release, maybe what is it capable of doing? Can it animate elements on scroll, depending on scroll position, like we can do with ScrollMagic?
  9. Hey, Thank you for reply Zach. I think index might not work as the layout is rather complex, but I will try with data attributes.
  10. Hi everyone, I attached a codepen demo that shows intersection observer with gsap animation. Everything works as intended, but I ran into problem if I wanted to have completly different animations for each element. I did this using multiple intersection observers (not shown in demo), but that I assume would be a hit on performance and also bad for DRY code. I made it very simple in demo, but the real examples would be animating different elements with different animations, so for sake of keeping it simple, let's say I want each box to be translated form different side. What kind of approach would be needed to put everything in one intersection observer? Is there any codepen example I can try to savlage of?
  11. Any info about this plugin? At least the name of it, so we can bother you guys with questions about it
  12. Hi @ZachSaucier, Sorry for late replay. Thank you for helping, it works great
  13. Hello guys, I'm trying to create a animation for hover on menu links. My code isn't doing what I want, and I couldn't find solution that didn't include jQuery. So my question is, how do I get animation play for each link? Right now if you hover over link 'Home', it runs animation for all links in menu, I'm guessing I need each loop? Also, if I hover over other links, it won't run. Same problem? Thanks in advance
  14. Thanks Zach for info. I will look into it, and if struggle with something, I will make sure to make codepen with my use case.
  15. This might not be the best place to ask since ScrollMagic is not a part of GSAP, but the community here is really strong, and it is kinda related, so I'm hoping for answers. What's best alternative to ScrollMagic? I heard of ScrollWizardry but it's just ScrollMagic in modern environment? I want to animate many elements with different tweens, some with same, when the reach the specific point of scrolling, which won't always be the same. Thanks in advance ?