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  1. I had this suspicion as well. I will definitely try out without Swiper. Thank you for your help, Zach!
  2. Hi Zach, thank you for the fast reply! It's a good sign that you don't see the lag. On retina I tried Google Chrome - not as laggy (but still worse than the normal display), but Safari and Firefox are definitely laggy. Indeed, I tried removing the black rectangles, but the performance issue is still there (it does get a tiny bit better, but going from min 4.90fps to min 6.31fps, which is still very low). I recorded the performance with Firefox debugger. You can see on the screenshots below that the difference is minimal ...
  3. Hello everyone! I need help with animation performance on RETINA display I have a swiper slider and on slideTranasitionStart I'm animating a mask (covering the whole slider). The animation is very smooth in all browsers. I'm using an external monitor for work but as soon as I drag the browser window to my retina display (MacBook Pro -Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015, macOS Mojave) the animation looks very laggy (lowest fps is around 5-6!) ! I tried 2 main options to do the animation: Adding classes to transform the mask (and only using the most performant css properties transform and opacity on the animated elements). For this option I tried adding will-change property on the animated elements, I replaced translateX with translate3d, I only added transition on the transform property. Using morphSVG plugin to achieve the transforming of the mask (in the codepen demo I'm using this option as it's way less code) Unfortunately both options are still laggy on retina display. Nothing seems to improve the performance on the retina display and I'm running out of options. I'd be very grateful if someone can help out! Thank you