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  1. Oh its true, thanks both of you! In the end I didn't use the animation anyways haha.
  2. I'm doing an animation to show an order summary, I want first expand the width and then the height to create a fancy effect but seems that height is being seated wrong because in the end of the animation it has an extra height not desired. Help! Both tweens works well individually but the problem is when I put them together. Expected: Current:
  3. Awesome! I have tested and this really worked, thanks Mr. @ZachSaucier.
  4. @GreenSock Thanks for your fast answer! Scale was my first option for the animation, but safari show an issue where the Icon Dollars not appear. I just have included an codepen example to original post above. Thanks!
  5. I am dealing with a bug that seems be present only on Microsoft Edge < 15. Someone here know how resolve it or what is causing this? Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE 11. Edge < 15 Here is the code for the animations. function scaleAndShrinkAnimation($element, maxWidthPercentage, durationSeconds) { var widthHalf = maxWidthPercentage / 2; return TweenMax.to($element, durationSeconds, { width: maxWidthPercentage + '%', top: '-=' + widthHalf + '%', left: '-=' + widthHalf + '%', repeat: 1, yoyo: true }); }