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  1. ddi-web-team's post in Flip plugin fitChild transition not working smoothly was marked as the answer   
    I realized that my issue was because of conflicting tweens. In the closing function, I was changing the opacity of the card being flipped before it had a chance to finish it's animation. I've updated the function like this. 
    function closeHeadshot(){ document.removeEventListener('click', closeHeadshot); //Record current state const state = Flip.getState(expandedContainer); //Scale details down so that it's image fits exactly on top of the active headshot Flip.fit(expandedContainer, activeHeadshot.querySelector('img'), {scale: true, fitChild: expandedImage}); //Put the bio container back and then fade in the other headshots const tl = gsap.timeline(); tl.to(expandedBioContainer, {xPercent: 15, opacity: 0}) //.to(expandedContainer, {visibility: 'hidden'}) .to(headshots, {opacity:1, stagger: {amount: 0.7, from: headshots.indexOf(activeHeadshot), grid: 'auto'}}, 0); Flip.from(state, { scale: true, duration: .5, delay: 0.2, ease: "power2.inOut", absolute: true }).to(expandedContainer, {visibility: 'hidden'}) activeHeadshot = null; }