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  1. Opened up a small bounty on StackOverflow if anyone is interested. I will also post a solution to this problem on this forum if I ever find one.
  2. @ZachSaucier Thanks, I hope I will! I've added the GIF for a better visual representation because you've said on SOF that you can't see any lags. I tried adding will-change: transform, opacity; which does not seem to help and also tried using TweenMax.lagSmoothing() but I'm not sure if I did it correctly.
  3. At first sight an easy animation causes lags and is choppy on mobile devices. In Chrome I can reproduce it by going to F12 > emulate mobile > iPhone 6/7/8. And when the page is scrolled down it's possible to see that the animated text is kind of jiggling up and down, in other words, it's choppy. GIF with visual representation