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  1. This is one way but with additional element. https://codepen.io/tripti1410/pen/ca934da6f3541fca564bbb320484539b
  2. Thank you so much for your help and suggestion. But as I changed it to timeline again it is very slow. https://codepen.io/tripti1410/pen/62806cf16ca3745fef4388b28eb1e9e7?editors=1010 @ZachSaucier
  3. Hello, Scenario: While moving the mouse the red color box should move and scale. On mouse leave should go back to original. Problem: After mouse leave also it is not resetting, I mean it is not going from scale 1.2 to 1. Also it is very slow transform. please help me.
  4. Hey, Sent you a direct message. Thanks Trapti
  5. Hi, I am a frontend developer. portfolio: https://www.iamtrapti.com/ codepen: https://codepen.io/tripti1410 you can reach out to me at reach.trapti@gmail.com
  6. Hey, I am a frontend developer. I would love to help you. Check out my Codepen profile for GSAP animations. https://codepen.io/tripti1410