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    gsap3 cycle method?

    Hey guys I may be blind, but is cycle method supported in the gsap3 release? Can't seem to make it work the old way. Thank you!
  2. Hey guys, I need a little help with. I want to redo my lazy load with a gsap animation that can replace "SRC" for "DATA-SRC" with fadeIn effect. So the new - full-size Image will fade over the Old one. Any help is much than appreciated. Thank you!
  3. The plan is to have different shapes for each svg - sorry this codepen html was just copy/paste to just show you the concept. Thank you @ZachSaucier you solved my 1h headache
  4. Hey guys. I am trying to make a morph shape with gsap plugin. The result I want to achieve is: THE GOAL IS: Find svg's with class "morph" and runs timeline animation only for the one's that is in the viewport. THE ISSUE I HAVE: I did some work in the codepen, but the issue is, that every time my window detects the svg class "morph" it start to animate all the shapes/timelines on the website - and not only the ones visible in the viewport. Any ideas how to adjust my codepen? Thank you in advance
  5. Thank you both, I am a getting a bit smarter with greensock every day
  6. That works, thanks man!
  7. Thank you @mikel i will try it now.
  8. Hey guys, I need a little help with splitText weird behaviour. Every single time i visit the staging site, splitText split lines wrongly. I have to refresh and then everything looks, ok. Same thing when i resize the browser the text is not wrapping automatically like it should. Do you have any ideas of what might be wrong? I use intersectionObserver to detect the item in viewport and then triggering the TweenMax function. Thank you very much
  9. Thank you @ZachSaucier. I ll try this approach
  10. @mikel i have one other little request. Imagine that i d like to use this animation on the page multiple times. Your code works great for one. But every single time the object is in the viewport (no matter which one), it runs the animation for all of the objects on the page. Any idea of how to make this work only for the item visible in the viewport? Many thanks man
  11. Thank you Mikel, this works just perfect. Have a great Sunday
  12. I am trying to make a rotation loop on my images only when they are in viewport. I want to pause this loop when they re out of the viewport. I am trying to use getClientBoundingRect to detect the position of my elements and I try to trigger the function when they are visible. The issue is that it only runs once. Console log is showing me that the viewport detection works fine, but the TweenMax.to animation is not working like it should. I do not want to use ext. libraries for viewport detection. Any help is much than appreciated guys! Thanks