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  1. Hey, do you have custom "move" cursor with transform items? For me it slows down too but by changing cursor to default it works okay. It was more like an issue with (dragging/moving?) custom cursors. Even with greensock.com transformmanager demo cursor moves goes very slow when hovering selected transform items with "move" cursor, might be something to do with flash player too... Also I have noticed it depends of browser. For me IE9 works perfectly, Chrome has some minor issues and Firefox is worst for what I have tested. Also I noticed problem with SHIFT + RESIZE ( proportional resize ) with Firefox. It is very slow but with IE9 it works perfectly. Quite interesting...
  2. Hey, I noticed one bug/problem. I am using TransformManager with TweenMax and after scaling TextField scaleX/scaleY properties TransformManager.SCALE_WIDTH_AND_HEIGHT fails. Simple showcase could be done by adding text_ti.scaleX=text_ti.scaleY=2; to TransformManagerAS3_Demo.swf root timeline in TransformManager demo. It seems that TransformManager has problem when altering the width/height properties after scaling (scaleX/scaleY!=1) TextField? Is there any workaround for this ( other than using container and altering containers scale properties with TweenMax )? I am doing little app where user can create text animations and edit text fields and I toggle between TransformManager.SCALE_WIDTH_AND_HEIGHT / TransformManager.SCALE_NORMAL when user wants to create tween effects or edit text area size. Thanks again for the GREAT classes! My apps are quite a green nowadays. ;D - Jani from Finland