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  1. eden

    steppedEase helper

    Omg. Works like a charm. Thank You very much ^ o^
  2. eden

    steppedEase helper

    Yes, exactly that ! Im sorry for bad explaining. I just need to know, when to fire next arrow animation (so when staggerFrom decides its the next object to animate) - Im aware of gsap 3.0, but in this project i need to stay with the old one, as others collages are working in that too. - Will learn to use codePen, promise !
  3. eden

    steppedEase helper

    @GreenSock While il continue to try the @ZachSaucier Idea. Here the demo for You. I stripped all unnecessary code and custom templates. You ware right i implemented it in the wrong way. Now the console does trigger a string, but still more times than it needs to (for every letter, triggers 16 times) Best regards. demo_forum.zip
  4. eden

    steppedEase helper

    A multiple timelines nested in a master timeline, approach could work! Nice idea, will try that tomorrow. Thanks!
  5. eden

    steppedEase helper

    Hi All. Thank You for all Your responses. @ZachSaucier @PointC Unfortunately i cant provide a proper codepen, due to all this code being in animate cc. However i did record a small demo gif, demonstrating more or less, what im trying to achieve. I do believe the stagger and steppedEase is the key. I will try to explain this demo. General purpose of this script is to automate an animation like in the gif. Im putting all the letters into an array using a for() loop, so from this point i can conveniently use a single like with gsap: TweenMax.staggerFrom(textArray, .5, {y:"+=10", alpha:0, ease:SteppedEase.config(16), 1); The next step would be to fire the arrow tween animation, at the .x coordinate of a corresponding letter. (i all ready got all the .x positions of each letter stored in a separate Array thanks to the initial for loop). So, in my mind, the tween, for the Arrow, would need to look more or less like that: .set(arrow,{x:positionXArray[currentLetter]}) .from(arrow,.5,{y:"-="+30,alpha:0, ease: Power2.easeOut}, 1 , onComplete:function() { // tween for arrow disapearing goes here } }); currentLetter++ However i would need to know, when to fire the function above. It should fire when a letter appears and only a total of letter numbers times. The onUpdate callback, tigers much more times than a numbers of letters (even with a SteppedEase), making this approach invalid. @GreenSock This function looks very promising. But when i tested it, the function myCallback() didn't trigger at all, and console was not showing any "changed!" string. function myCallback() { console.log("changed!"); } Best regards.
  6. eden

    steppedEase helper

    Hi Is there a way to create stepping ease helper to update the positions of object to the corresponding array values, a defined number of times ? what i tried so far: TweenMax.staggerFrom(textArray, .5, {y:"+=10", alpha:0, ease:SteppedEase.config(16), onUpdate:function(){ //console.log("updated"); // updates many time, not good. I would like to triger some code, only when letter apreas. So this needs to fire only 16 times total } },.5) i also tried stepping ease with a variable version var ticker = {value:0} TweenMax.to(ticker, 1, {value:16, ease:SteppedEase.config(16), onUpdate:function() { console.log("updated"); // unfortunatly this update trigers more times than 16 } }); Best regards.
  7. Thank You for the reply. Will try to do that. Seeing You sugested the draw by function, im asuming this will not work by simpy drawning a shape from animate interface and pas that as a variable to draw function, corect ?
  8. Hi Ive just soaw new release of gsap, and update to morph svg to render mode to draw on canvas. This is wonderfull. Does that mean we can now morph shapes in animate cc as well ? Best regards.