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  1. @GreenSock thanks, works great.
  2. Hi @ZachSaucier I was able to get a similar y animation effect, but I have a problem with timeScale I haven't used it before and it's hard to find out what I'm doing wrong. I did the mouseenter and mouseleave event on the individual box and I reduce the timeScale to 0.2, but the animation jumps strongly, it looks like progress is changing, are you able to see why this is happening? Thanks! https://codepen.io/duty47/pen/WNQbEON
  3. @ZachSaucier I'm sorry I didn't notice it. I updated the demo. As you can see, the only thing I have achieved now is that the elements alternately move up and down. In the animation of the example, they move more in half circles.
  4. @ZachSaucier Hi, I have a problem with y, I don't know how to calculate it in such a way that it repeats as in the animation above. I have tried several ways however nothing works this way. Do you have any idea for this? Thanks! https://codepen.io/duty47/pen/WNQbEON
  5. Thanks a lot for the tip. When I finish, I will provide codepen here
  6. hi, I would like to do such a slider, video link: https://www.screenmailer.com/v/Ofz2KvYmamNjEUg link to the page where it is located: https://www.open-wear.com/?v=9b7d173b068d you have to go down for half the page. However, I have a little lack of ideas on how to go about it. I am asking you for help and some tips.
  7. @ZachSaucier @OSUblake please help, there is an error on the edge and safari and the script does not execute. SCRIPT1005: Expected '(', It points to arrow functions like this: _onScroll = (event) => { What could I replace to make the script work the same. When I change to normal functions and adds this as a parameter in some places, errors are gone, but something is still wrong.
  8. Hey @ZachSaucier please the codepen is below https://codepen.io/duty47/pen/vYYEgam
  9. @OSUblake @ZachSaucier thanks guys for help, I managed to do it, I added a few lines to this class and it works great ? @OSUblake can I use your code for my projects?
  10. @OSUblake @ZachSaucier Thank you for your help I think I have an idea how to do this thanks to your tip and after I checked how scrollmagic works. I am asking you @OSUblake for help only when you find time in it: -that when the horizontal-scroll-wrapper touches the top of the screen it stops transforming on the scroll-container and starts again when the horizontal-scroll-wrapper touches the bottom of the screen. I edited your class a bit I added horizontalScrollWrapper and horizontalScroll to the options Thanks, Again, sorry for my English
  11. Hi, I have recently started learning animation on the scroll, but I have a problem that I cannot solve. I made a very simple block layout. Using the well-written SmoothScroll class by Blake Bowen https://codepen.io/osublake/pen/vvRWQd I would like to expand it a bit to be able to scroll horizontally. I would like it to work like this: scrolls down the page normally until block number 5, when block number 5 touches the top of the screen it blocks and scrolls to the right until block number 7 and then again scroll down from block 8 to the end of the page. Back, it looks the same only in reverse order. However, I was able to do something like this on a normal scroll and not on a transform. I am asking for help with this. Thanks Sorry for my English :[