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  1. Jack, you save me again 😄
  2. I have one question if anyone has time. I am a little confused about snapTo property. It behaves differently from standard snap property - fires one more time when snap happens/end (is it a bug?) I want to snap instantly on a slight scroll, and I did it by putting my code logic in snap return function. And this works well: https://codepen.io/makica/pen/RwKoMGE The problem is when I want to control the time, speed and ease for the snap animation - I have to move code logic in SnapTo property and then animation become buggy: https://codepen.io/makica/pen/MWJbVvp
  3. Perfect, that’s what I was looking for. Thank you Jack for the fast reply! The support in GSAP forum is amazing.
  4. I can't set two gsap Plugins to work together: ScrollTriger and Draggable. I've a website which can be drag horizontally and additionally I want to add draggable effect. The problem is with Draggable - after dragging happens, ScrollTriger does not take into account the Drag offset. Does anyone have an idea how this can be solved?
  5. Like I said, I try a few things but nothing works. I think problem is in Pixi Plugin. Without Pixi Plugina, but with Pixi.js and only gsap, you can overwrite tween (make function which recreate that same tween) and this way dynamically update certain value in onComplete. In my example I chose the easiest way, change value through PIXI.js. https://codepen.io/isladjan/pen/pogjGNa
  6. Nevermind I found a solution. Sorry to bother you
  7. How to update value in onComplete callback? I am using gsap 3, pixi.js and Pixi Plugin. I try a few things but it seems nothing works (tween overwrite, modifiers and updateTo() method). I have something like this: let frame = 0; function animate() { gsap.to(container, { pixi: { scale: scale, rotation: angle, x: x, y: y }, duration: 1.7, ease: "power3.in", onComplete: () => { //reset value gsap.set(scene, { pixi: { scale: 1, rotation: 0, x: app.screen.width / 2 } }); if (frame < 3) animate(); else animate2() } }); frame++ } I need when onComplete trigger, to gsap.set(..) use current value of app.screen.width ( width of render in pixi.js which change on resize event).
  8. Thanks Zach, I update the code, and repeatRefresh works now perfectly on Timeline. just keep up the good work :)
  9. Perhaps GSAP 3.x documentation is yet not perfect, but gsap forum is. Thanks again Zach, that's exactly what i was looking for. You saved me a lot of time. I will accept your syntax and advice.
  10. thanks Zach for clarifying this to me and for quick response. I have a problem with property: repeatRefresh, i can't make it work. I'm trying to make a demo in which the svg paths will go in random directions using the new GSAP 3.x Utility Methods. I thought first the problem is with overwrite, but it's not. https://codepen.io/isladjan/full/qBEJPpJ
  11. Hi to all, I'm trying to learn gsap 3.x, but i have a problem with overwrite. Can anyone show me working example of new "onInterrupt" callback? Or there is some other way in GSAP 3.x to identify when (or if) overwrite between tweens is happen? Thanks, isladjan