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  1. @Rodrigo I am using react-transition-group now and it works perfect, I just have one question, do you know what will be the best way to have different animations for in and out? The example toggles the same property and it reverses the animation. I have some cases where I need the element coming from left and leaving to right, for example.
  2. Thanks guys, I found that my problem is that I am using componentDidUpdate, because I need to children to listen for the parent change and that was causing the problem, but I will use React Transition Group. I will add the CopePen next time, sorry about that, thanks a lot!
  3. Hi I am working with Gsap on React and I need to destroy elements after my animation is complete. I am using a state and conditional rendering and it works fine if animate a parent element and destroy its children, but in other cases I need to destroy the element I am animating, but I get an infinite error saying "Cannot tween a null target". Do you guys have an idea or a better approach to destroying elements after animating them? Please note that I will need them back later. My code looks something like this: TweenLite.to(this.paths, 0.3, { opacity: 0, onComplete: this.destroyIntro, }); destroyIntro = () => { this.setState({ destroyIntro: true }); }; {!destroyIntro && ( <div ref={div => this.paths = div}>Content Here</div> )}
  4. Thanks @ZachSaucier and @GreenSock my animation looks great now!
  5. Hi all, I have an animation project where I need some shapes to morph fluidly, but looks like there's a small pause on each step. Is there any way to remove that pause? Thanks in advance!