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  1. Very Nice! Super simple too once you understand the usage. Thanks for that. I can guarantee if I create a 'demo' of all the features, they'll want to implement some fancy effects. Thanks again for all the help Zach
  2. This is perfect! Thank you so much! I think I understand the use of Tween now. I should be prepared if I am required to scale it like the example they sent me :). Thanks again!
  3. I've searched in a lot of forums and sub forms on here and I can't quite figure this out... I've remade a similar codepen using three.js and it is pretty much the same (albeit much less code) as the initial codepen I added to this thread. I can get it working with the mouse (it is a little clunky but good for a POC). Now I am trying to get Tween to work to slow the animation down to where it doesn't snap to the mouse pointers location. In the codepen I have the Tween code commented out and the values that are setting the rotation in. I can't seem to get the tween to work, I am getting a 'cannot create property '_gsTweenID' error. I've looked through a couple forum posts and it references that you shouldn't specify the *.y or *.x properties, but I can't get any rotation out of it when I remove them. https://codepen.io/austin-areaux/pen/LYPKRXP
  4. Yep! I am looking into three.js now for the geometry and then I'll try to hook GSAP into it for the actual animation. Hopefully I can get it to work as our marketing department is looking to create numerous of these types of animations. If the addons speed up development time, I may be able to convince them to to purchase a Business Green license . I'll be back if I have any more specific questions on the GSAP animations. Thanks for helping out!
  5. Hey Zach, First, I apologize for the confusion. I actually got the code for my example from here https://codepad.co/snippet/javascript-rounded-particle-circle. I couldn't find anywhere, other than linking the user that created (copied - which is what it looks like based on your find of the actual original site) the codepad. I also should have been more specific in my original post. I was mainly wanting to know if something like this was possible with GSAP pretty easily. I could probably brute force the code in the CodePen I linked but I wanted to see if there was a more efficient way to do it ( from what I've read, GSAP is much more efficient). Thanks, and sorry again for the lack of referencing where I pulled the example from.
  6. I am currently trying to get an animation to rotate some particles based on the mouse cursor like the 'Default Demo' here. If you look at the codepen I linked, I can get the basic spinning working, but I need for the animation to follow the mouse and have min/max rotations link the demo. Is this possible? I don't need the circle to shrink/expand, I just need it to rotate based on the mouse cursor. Thanks in advance!