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  1. Hello Guys! Thank you both for your help! OSUblake your advice helped, thank you very much
  2. Hi ZachSaucier! Thank you for fast reply! Here is imports: import { TimelineLite, Back, Power1, SlowMo, TimelineMax, TweenMax, Linear, Power4} from 'src/gsap'; import SplitText from 'src/gsap/SplitText'; import DrawSVGPlugin from 'src/gsap/DrawSVGPlugin'; and it is code for one line TweenMax.from(document.getElementById('Line_10'), 1, {drawSVG: '0%', delay: 4});
  3. Hello! I am new to GSAP and I started angular project with gsap 2, I have issue with DrawSVGPlugin, on my LocalHost I have setup animation with drawsvg, it is working as expected, but after production build and deploy, this lines stoped to drawing and just loaded http://prntscr.com/q5r0jc Here is link to my server and I have also attached GIF from my LocalHost. I hope someone can advice how I can find reason or any way to debug it since I don't have any errors. Best regards