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  1. I was wondering if you could someone had a solution to keep an initial panel open on page load. Another request would be that the open panel is a bit wider. Any help would be awesome. I am doing the tutorials I promise!
  2. OK I got this svg to animate successfully, however I cannot seem to trigger it when it enters the viewport. I have tried about everything I can think of! Also, if I want more than one instance do I need a for each? My apologies for the learning curve.
  3. I really appreciate your patience. I know you have written this whole thing for me and that it is not your role. It looks amazing, I really appreciate it. Now I am going to see if I can tackle the 'unobserve' so it plays just once. Wish me luck!
  4. I dont understand this 'If you're going to have a lot of these, you should create the timelines and attach a reference to them on the element itself. That way you can use entry.timeline.play(); or something like that inside of your intersection observer callback.' I promise once I get the gist I will be off and running
  5. Can you point me to a simple example which would trigger the text animation you created for me when in viewport? I feel like this is all far more complicated than I thought it would be.
  6. Very straightforward? Isn't there a simple way to say 'hey, this element is in the viewport so trigger it'?
  7. OK I loaded this on DOMContentLoaded and it is working. Whew! Now, to see if I can figure out how to trigger this when in viewport with ScrollMagic. Any help would be so loved!
  8. I am not sure why this is so complicated for me. Now I get the text animation to work, however it only works when I click the 'replay' button, and not on page load. Ultimately I need these H1 elements to load once they are in the viewport. I am using Magic Scroll. Any direction for a GSAP virgin? http://ultrastarter.wpengine.com/
  9. Hate to bug you again- I am really struggling with putting that simple codepen to work on my webpage. I have called the two scripts, added the functions, and the css. It is not animating whatsoever. Any chance you would be able to help me troubleshoot? https://ultrastarter.wpengine.com/ I can provide access if you need it as well.
  10. One last question- the pen includes 13 scripts. Which ones would I need from that list?
  11. Wow - you did all of this for me? I think we are going to be lifelong friends... Thank you!
  12. yes- it looks like some sort of animated computer lettering- the text says 'More than 200 career options'.
  13. Brand new to GSAP- purchased the Shockingly Green. I am looking to do a text animation similar to this page https://www.airforce.com/ - any guidance on how this might be achieved using your text animation plugin? If you scroll down to the area of the page referenced in the attached screenshot you will see the animation. Thank you in advance- Jay