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  1. @ZachSaucier @OSUblake thank you so much for the help guys, I just declared the variable dialogSvgPathLine and targeted to the id of the html, but when I looked at the html side, i forgot to put id in the element.
  2. - all resources are load perfectly. I don't know if there something wrong in my variables, when i comment out some of line of code(the highlight portion in my screenshot), the error is gone, but it will not tween the stroke dashoffset. - I try to console.log the value of my variables, they all have values. Thanks for the reply, i really appreciate it.
  3. Hello everyone, sorry for my bad english. I'm having trouble about tweening, in my localhost, it was fine and working, no errors or warning. When i upload my work to the site, i got an error "uncaught exception: Cannot tween a null target." . I hope someone would help.