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  1. i have resolved the issue by using the xOffset and yOffset in getting position like below var ctr = Draggable.get("#g1"); var x =ctr.x + ctr.target._gsTransform.xOrigin + ctr.target._gsTransform.xOffset; var y=ctr.y + ctr.target._gsTransform.yOrigin + ctr.target._gsTransform.yOffset;
  2. Dears, i have created an svg rect inside a group and i have make this svg group to have "transformOrigin:'center center' " explicitly then draw a little blue circle at this group returned position my question is when i am trying to rotate the svg group then resize it the return location is wrong and it's not at the center of this group, how i can keep my reference point at the center of this group all the time with all different transformation? https://codepen.io/Shouha85/pen/MWgxNwP?editors=1010