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  1. It's working, but little detail I was missing - I had scrub set to: 1 - in that case navigation didn't jump immediately but in time of scrub. So I set it to true, and now it's working as expected. In my case it's not a problem to have true instead of 1.
  2. Oh my bad sorry So thank you all , really great product!
  3. Thank you both for your help! This should be working
  4. Thank you, I am gonna to try it. I thing my case is similar to this codepen, I would like jump between this sections without animation (when click on navigation). https://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/bGpeZNj
  5. Yeah, exactly I want to jump immediately to some point without triggering other animation on timeline. Sorry I cant share code right now.
  6. Hi all! I have a question, don't have a codepen but explanation is quite simple (hopefully also solution). I have quite long timeline with animation triggered with scrollTrigger, it's SPA. Elements have fixed position, and I'm animating pages while user scroll on some dummy div with height of the number of pages (fixed position on full vw, vh). I have also a navigation, now what I need is to jump to particular label, or scroll position on timeline - without animating the timeline. With animating it's working fine, but page is quite long and it's a quite a mess when user jumps from one section to another and a lot of animations plays with high speed. If I use seek method, It's work how i want but the scroller stays on the position. Then when user scroll again and he is on new position on timeline then it goes wrong and don't continue on timeline but on old scroller position. Thanks for the help!
  7. Again thank you 🤗 Yeah that immediateRender make me sense. The other thing what you are pointing about, I know what you think what can happend. I know how to fix it with that additional container, but not with that single ScrollTrigger. How can I create single ScrollTrigger when there are two different "start" and "end" points? 🤔
  8. Hi @ZachSaucier, may I have another question, I updated the pin above. And I have a little problem. Now I have there two scrollTriggers per each element (forEach cycle), first when elements came to screen from right and second when it goes away from left, and it's not working correctly. When I have just single scrolltrigger per element it is working as expected. EDIT: I found solution here in one topic, when i use immediateRender: false it's start working, but I cant see it in a documentation, dont know why this prop helps.
  9. Thank you Zach, this helps a lot. I edited a little bit start and end point and now it's working how I want. https://codepen.io/luk-z-horec/pen/RwrYmvR
  10. Hello, so I created a new topic regarding my problem. Basically I have a structure similar to demo in codepen: https://codepen.io/luk-z-horec/pen/RwrYmvR What I need is to animate elements inside every section when they appear in the viewport. Now they animate all in the same time. Next question: it is possible in onEnter callback also have an element which trigger onEnter callback? Thank you for your help.
  11. Hi, I have quite the same problem + some more questions. I am using horizontal scroll, similar to demo which Cre posted, with a lot of sections with different widths. Horizontal scroll works ok. But questions is, what should I do to animate elements in sections when they reach trigger - container. This seems to not work with horizontal scroll, defined like in demo. 2nd question. It is possible to ease horizontal scroll, I have a lot of sections in container, and I am using horizontal scrolling like in demo, and then generated "vertical" scroller is small and scrolling is very fast and sensitive.