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  1. Thanks @Rodrigo, that solved my problem! Based on your TweenLite example, I solved it by passing in an empty object as the target
  2. I'm have a function that takes an html element, and animates it (using gsap). Thing is, sometimes I don't want to animate anything, I just want to wait for some duration, before proceeding with the subsequent animations. I know I can do that with JS promises and setTimeout, but it's important that I should be able to .pause(), .resume() and .timescale() this "nothing" animation (using these method names, for convenience). How can I do that? I've tried feeding in undefined and "" (empty string) to the target parameter (I'm using TimelineMax.fromTo), but that hasn't worked.
  3. Awesome, thanks, that already works for me. You sure there isn't a more concise way, though?
  4. I'm trying to animate my properties using a css variable as a targets in my gsap code. To be clear, I'm not trying to animate the variable itself, I'm trying to animate the color property on my elements. Can't find a way to make it work. Is it possible?